Monday, December 31, 2012

Books I have read

Well, these are the remaining books I have read to complete my goal of reading 65 books in 2012.  I actually read 72 books, so I am ahead of the game.


Loyalty in Death – J.D. Robb

Witness in Death – J. D. Robb (I have this series in Audible books and love them.)

The Shoemaker’s Wife – Adriana Trigiani

A Cat was Involved – Spencer Quinn

Viola in the Spotlight – Adriana Trigiani

Once Upon a Time There was You – Elizabeth Berg

Paterno – Joe Posnanski – interesting read

Porch Lights – Dorthea Benton Frank – I love her books.

Angels at the Table – Debbie Macomber

Notorious Nineteen – Janet Evanovich

Wishin and Hopin – Wally Lamb

A Season of Angels – Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

Then Again – Diane Keaton

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Whew!  I finished the scarf (Manly Man Scarf) that I was knitting for my husband for Christmas on Christmas Eve.  So, I made it.  I used Plymouth Yarns Taria Tweed in color 5302 (grey) with a size 10 needle.  I have this yarn in a green color and may just knit a scarf for me.

Manly Man Scarf complete

I also completed the Faux Fair Isle hat I started back in June.  I used a size 7 and 8 needle with Madelinetosh Vintage in scarlet and tern. 

Faux Fair Isle Hat - Complete

Now that I finished this stranded knitted project, I need to get restarted on the Min ulla scarf.

I did get some yarn this week.  From Lollipop Yarns (I can’t resist), I got her sock yarn in the color Downton Abbey.  This is going to be my next sock.

Lollilpop Yarns - Downton Abbey

I also got my preorder of Squeal Like a Pig from Dancing Dog Dyeworks.  It is in her Waltz Worsted base.  The colors area Raspberry Fields and the solid color is Raspberry.

DDD Waltz Worsted - Squeal Like A Pig

So, now that I finished the projects I wanted to get completed before the end of the year I need to figure out what to knit next.  Definitely a sock and I think I will knit some fingerless mitts and a cowl for me.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The World Didn’t Come to an End

Thank Goodness, I have too much living to do and too big of a stash to knit up.

It has been a busy week.  I worked about 40 hours this week.  At least this job is just about over and I get a break.  I only have to work a couple of hours next week and then a few hours the next week.  Then I can concentrate on doing tax returns.

I am about 95% ready for Christmas.  I have some cleaning to do tomorrow and a little grocery shopping to finish.  All presents are wrapped.  I will only have a few odds and ends to do to be completely ready.  Now, we are suppose to get 1 to 3 inches of snow on Christmas Eve and that could wreck the whole thing since I celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  Hopefully, the weatherman is wrong again and we only get a dusting.

I haven’t gotten much knitting done this past week.  I did block the Color Affection Shawl (finally) that I finished in November.  I used Shalimar Breathless yarn in Limerick, Loden and Byzantine.  I used a size 6 needle.  This time I used YO’s at the beginning of the row and end of the row and dropped them on the purl side.  It still puckered a bit as I knit, but once I blocked the shawl there was no puckering.  I used a size 6 needle.

Color Affection Shawl Blocked

I am working on a scarf for a Christmas present and I’m not sure that I will finish it.  I may be knitting it on Christmas.  I am using Plymouth yarn Taria Tweed in color 5302 (a grey tweed) with a size 10 needle.  It takes 2 skeins of yarn and I am on the second skein.  Let’s see what happens.

It has been a relaxing day today, so I guess I will go knit on the scarf.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15th–Yikes!

I can’t believe we are 10 days away from Christmas.  December has gone so fast.  It didn’t help that I have been working quite a bit.  It’s part time, but I still have put in over  30 hours per week the last couple of weeks.  At least I only have one more week of this.  Between shopping, appointments and working, I have to keep my head straight where I’m suppose to be.

The good news is that I only need about 2 more Christmas gifts to get.  I know what I want.  I just have to buy them.  And, I finished the sock I was knitting as a Christmas gift.  I used the Katniss sock pattern with Stricken Smitten yarn in Plink with a size 1 needle.  Glad these are finished.

Katniss Sock

I also completed my Christmas sock for 2012.  The yarn is Lollipop yarn in the Wee Elves color.  I used a size 1 needle.  This pair was fun to knit.  This makes 15 pairs of socks for 2012.

Christmas Sock 2012

Since I enjoyed knitting this so much, I had to buy another Christmas yarn from Lollipop Yarns.  The color is Fa La La La La.

Lollipop Yarn - Fa La La

I also got my November shipment from the Dancing Dog Dyeworks Monster Mania club.  This is the Waltz Worsted base and the color is HRH Henry.  It’s a pretty purple yarn.

DDD - Waltz Worsted - November 12 Club

I still need to block my color affection shawl.  Maybe I will get to it this week and I need to complete the Taria Tweed scarf I am knitting for my husband for Christmas.  Since this is the only project I am working on, I should get it finished for Christmas.  I hope.  Off to knit on the scarf.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

December is going too fast

I’m working a lot this month and that doesn’t help.  Fortunately, I am almost finished with my Christmas Shopping.  I have a few more gifts to get.  Thank Goodness for online shopping.  I still need to do some decorating and get my Christmas Cards out.

I have been knitting as much as I can.  I did finish the November 2012 Mid Month Dishcloth KAL.  The pattern is Turkey Thanks by Alli Barrett.  I used a size 6 needle with Peaches and Crème yarn in army tan.

November 2012 Mid Month Dishcloth KAL

I am almost finished with my Christmas 2012 sock using Lollipop Yarns  in Wee Elves with a size 1 needle.

Christmas 2012 Sock 2

I started another sock for a Christmas present.  I need to move on this one as I need to give it to the recipient prior to Christmas.  The pattern is Katniss Sock by Rose Hiver.  I am using a size 1 needle with Stricken Smitten Sinful Sock yarn in the color Plink.

Katniss Sock 1

Ironically, I got my last shipment for the CookieA sock club and the yarn is Stricken Smitten in Sinful Sock yarn in the color  Scheherazade’s Sky.  The picture color is lighter than it really is.  It almost looks Navy.  The yarn is nice. 

Stricken Smitten - Sinful Sock - Scheherazade's Sky - Cookie A

I decided that I wasn’t going to join the club for 2013.  I need to stop buying yarn and start using up my stash.  I enjoyed the club more in the first year than I did this year.

Last project on the needles is the Manly Man scarf using Taria Tweed in color 5302 (grey). I am using a size 10 needle.  This is suppose to be a Christmas present too.  I’m not sure that I can get this finished.

Taria Tweed Broken Rib Scarf

Better get knitting!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a lovely dinner at my brother’s home with his family and then came home to relax.

Today, I went knitting at my local yarn shop and got to spend time with my friends.  So far it’s been a lovely long weekend.

I am working on several projects, but will post pictures in my next blog post.  This post will be dedicated to yarn.

I got several skeins of striped sock yarn.  I am addicted to it.  From Desert Vista Dyeworks, I got three skeins in the colors Dia De Los Muertos, Grade School Turkey, and Jacarandas Down Under.  These are in her Visio base yarn.

Desert vista Dyeworks - November 2012

The Loopy Ewe got in striped yarn from Fibernymph Dyeworks in her Bounce base.  I got The Elves were in the Eggnog and Tartan.

Fibernymph Dye Works - Bounce - Nov 2012

From Gynx Yarns, I got Epyon in 100% merino yarn.

Gynx Yarns - Epyon

Now on to other yarns that are not self striping.  I got Taria Tweed by Plymouth Yarn in grey and green to make scarves.  I have wanted to make something out of this yarn for awhile and my LYS had it on sale today.  It is so soft.

Taria Tweed

I also got Footlights by Blue Ridge Yarns in the pansie colorway.  I plan to make some fingerless mitts with this yarn.  Instead of one skein, you get four mini skeins.

Blue Ridge Yarns - Footlights - Pansies

Last, but not least, I couldn’t resist getting the Chickadee bag by Knittings My Bag.  It came with Spinning Fates yarn in the color Let Heaven and Nature Sing.  This is a DK weight yarn.

Knittings my bag - Chickadee

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Now, it’s the countdown to Christmas.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trying to finish the Color Affection Shawl

Doesn’t seem as if I have done much knitting this week, but I did work on the Color Affection Shawl.  I have 8 more rows and then I can bind off.  Hopefully, I will get this finished this week and can post pictures next week.

I did finish the November 2012 Dishcloth KAL.  The pattern is Native American Cloth by Lisa Millan.  I used  Peaches and Crème in baby blue with a size 7 needle.  This is a repeat cloth that we did in a previous year.

November 2012 Dishcloth KAL

I did start a Christmas sock.  I am using a basic sock pattern with Lollipop yarns in the color Wee Elves.  The striping on this sock is narrower than previous yarn I used by Lollipop yarns and I love it.  It’s very Christmasy.  I am using a size 1 needle.

Chistmas 2012 sock

I couldn’t resist buying another skein of yarn from Lollipop yarns.  This color is Yabba Dabba.  There are many color changes in this ball.  So colorful!

Yabba Dabba - Lollipop Yarn

Off to knit on my color affections shawl!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Things are beginning to get back to normal

Now that the tree has been removed, things are getting back to normal.  Many people are getting their power back; although there are still too many who don’t have it.  I think that’s the worse thing, waiting for power.  In a way, I guess we are lucky.  The temperatures are in the high 40’s here, if it was below freezing it wouldn’t feel too good.

The worse thing in this area is the long lines for gas.  Because places don’t have power, there are not many gas stations open.  Plus, people are not only getting gas for their cars, but for their generators.  Lines are long.

My heart goes out to the people in New Jersey and New York, where they seem to have it really bad.

Knitting has been helping me get over the stress of this storm.  I did finish my Sock the Vote socks.  I used Yarn vs. Zombies in the damsel base and the spiffy iffy color with a size 0 needle.  The pattern was Dancing Bamboo socks.

STV - October 2012

I also finished Terence the tap dancing Trex by Recbeca Danger.  I used Dancing Dog Dyeworks in Tropical Blue and Owlies with a size 5 needle.  This is ready for my great nephews Birthday party on Saturday.

Terence the T-REX


I did get some yarn this week.  From Gnome Acres, I got 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn.  One skein is the fancy gnome base (80%merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in the To be jolly color. The second skein is in the Maleficent color and it is 75% SW merino and 25% nylon.  I also got a WPI gauge key chain.


From Dancing Dog Dyeworks, I got my Monster Mania club yarn in Waltz Worsted.  The color is Big is Boo-tiful blues.  I love this color. I’m waiting for the pattern that goes with this yarn.

DDD - Waltz Worsted -Big's

Since, I got my socks and dinosaur finished, I am working on the Color Affection shawl.  I hope to have this finished by the end of next week.  I need to start on two pairs of socks (one is a Christmas gift and the other is a Christmas sock for me) and another shawl.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Tree is Removed

The Tree Service was awesome.  They had 2 cranes, a bucket truck, and various other equipment with around 9 men.  It took them around 5 hours.

Tree Removal - 3

Tree Removal - 7

Tree Removal - 12

Tree Removal - 9

Tree Removal - 14

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tropical Storm Sandy

The good news is that we have power and all is okay.

The bad news is that we lost a tree in our front yard.  It did no damage to our house, but did land on the roof of our neighbor’s house.  Not sure how much damage they will have from it until the tree comes down.

This happened last night.  All of a sudden the house shook.  I thought it was the wind.  Guess I was wrong.


Sandy - House #7

Sandy - House #6

Sandy - House #5

Sandy - House #4

Sandy - House #3

Sandy - House #2

Sandy - House #1

Saturday, October 27, 2012

FrankenStorm is Coming?

Perfect way to end October, the storm of the century.  Let’s see what happens or if it fizzles out.  I just hope we don’t lose power.

With that in mind, I am working on Terrence the Tap Dancing T-Rex.  This is a birthday present for my great nephew.  I need to complete it by his birthday party on November 3rd.  I gave myself daily goals and I am way ahead of them.  I only have to knit the tail and then sew on arms, legs, front panel and his mouth. I am using Dancing Dog Dyeworks in Tropical Blue (I was so afraid that I would run out of yarn, but I’m okay) and Owlies for the front panel and his tail.  I am using a size 5 needle.  I love the yarn.  It is great to work with.

Terrence the Dinosaur - 1

I finished week 4 of my Sock the vote sock.  I am using Yarn vs. Zombies Damsel yarn in Spiffy Iffy with a size 0 needle.

STV - Sock 2 - Week 4

I finished the Cupcake socks.  I used Desert Vista Dyeworks in Happy Birthday cupcake with a size 1 needle.  Love this yarn and love the striping!

Cupcake Sock - Complete

I also finished the October 2012 Mid Month Dishcloth KAL.  The pattern is Little Pumpkin by Janet Nogle.  I used a size 7 needle with Peaches and Crème in the shrimp color.

October 2012 Mid Month KAL

My goals in November are to finish my Color Affection shawl and the fair isle hat, plus start knitting a sock for a Christmas gift.

Well, guess I need to go do some things to get ready for this storm. Wish us luck!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October is going way too fast

Less than two weeks and it’s over.  Then it’s November and Christmas is on the horizon and after that it’s tax season again.  Time is flying way too fast.

I am trying to finish up projects before the end of the year.  But, there are a few projects I haven’t started yet that I have to get completed.  Like a dinosaur for my great nephew and a sock for a friend for Christmas.

I finally finished Ruby the Lovable Huggable Monster.  I used Lornas Laces worsted yarn in Zombie BBQ with a size 5 needle.  I think she got pretty nice.  This is the second monster (toy) that I have finished and I am learning new things with each one.  I did the mattress stitch to close up the body.  Initially, I used a whip stitch to sew on the arms and legs and didn’t like how it looked, so I learned another way to sew them on and I like it better.  The internet is a wonderful thing.

Ruby Completed

I started on the second Cupcake sock.  I really love this yarn and the colors.  I am using a size 1 needle with Desert Vista Dyeworks Happy Birthday cupcake. I hope to finish this off this coming week.

Cupcake Sock - Sock 2 - part

Then, I got to the second sock for the Sock the Vote KAL.  We only do so much each week.  I finished the end of week 3.  The yarn is Yarn vs. Zombies Spiffy Iffy and I am using a size 0 needle.

Here is the First Sock:

STV - Sock 1 - Week 3

Here is Sock Two:

STV - Sock 2 - Week 3

I got more yarn and I am so excited.  I got Wee Elves from Lollipop Yarns.  This will be great for Christmas.  There are 500 yards here.  That is why there are two yarn balls.  I could knit knee socks with this yarn, but will probably only knit a regular sock.  I’m sure that I can find something to do with the rest of the yarn.

Lolllipop Yarn - Wee Elves

I also got some yarn from Canon Hand Dyes.  You can find this yarn on Etsy under the Amy Lee Show.  The colors are Alas Pour Yorick (black and grey) in the William Base, Ann Elliot in the Charles base and Double Double Toil and Trouble in the Lewis base.

Canon Hand Dyed

Self Striping Sock yarn is great!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

There was frost on the pumpkin last night

It’s getting colder and I am ready for it.  I can skip the snow, but I like it when the nights are cold and the days are warm.

It’s been an interesting and busy week.  We got our last 3 windows in the house replaced and as a result I have been cleaning.  First you have to clear out the room and then put everything back.  I have one room completed and still have to do the attic, but that won’t take me long. I got my blood test done today and I have been knitting.

I worked on my Sock the Vote socks and completed the requirements for Week 2 KAL.  I am using Yarn vs Zombies Damsel socks in the Spiffy Iffy color with size 0 needles.  Still can’t believe that I am knitting with size 0 needles.  The pattern is Dancing Bamboo Socks.

STV - Sock 1 - Week 2

Then, I got pretty far with my cupcake socks.  I am using Desert Vista Dyeworks Visio yarn with a size 1 needle in the Happy Birthday cupcake color.  I love these socks.  The yarn feels like Wollmeise and I love the color and how it’s striping.  I am using my new size 1 signature needles and they are heaven.  I highly recommend them.

Cupcake Socks

I finished a hat for my great nephew. His second birthday is coming up, so I thought I would knit this as a gift.  The yarn is Knitpicks Brava Bulky.  I got white and sienna.  This yarn is great.  It is nice and soft and very lofty but firm.  Best of all it is an acrylic yarn, so it is easy to care for.

Knitpicks Brava Bulky

I am using size 10.5 needles and the pattern is Faster Football Hat by Nona Davenport.  It’s a very easy pattern that I got from Knitpicks.  I knit the toddler size.  The pattern called for 60 stitches, but it was turning out too big, so I went down to 52 stitches and it is much better. The pattern comes in all sizes, so I am thinking of making one for his father so they can be twins.  I’m glad I took the class on two handed fair isle knitting as it came in handy with the color changes on this hat.

Football Hat

My CookieA sock club yarn came for October.  The yarn is from Green Mountain Spinnery and is called Super Duper Sock Club Yarn.  The color is Sarsaparilla.  I’m not sure how I feel about this yarn, but it is growing on me.

Green Mountain Spinnery - Sarsaparilla