Saturday, December 06, 2014

Better Knitting Week

This has been a better knitting week.  I am turning the heel on my Grade School Turkey sock using a size 1 needle and a basic sock pattern.  The yarn is from Desert Vista Dyeworks.  I really love her yarn and colorways.

Grade School Turkey Sock 2

I also started on another shawl.  It’s the Yowza weigh it shawl by Susan B. Anderson.  I am using Miss Babs Yowza in the color Prince.  The pattern calls for a size 9 needle, but I am using a size 7.

Yowza shawl

I also got two skeins of yarn this week.  From the Lemonade Shop, I got her fingering weight yarn in Peppermint Ice Cream.

Lemonade Shop - Peppermint Ice Cream

From Lollipop Yarn, I got a skein of What a Maroon.  I love the colors in this ball.

Lollipop Yarn - What a Maroon

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a nice week.  I only had to work in the office one day.  I was able to get a lot of cleaning finished this week and was even able to get most of the Christmas decorations up.  I only have to put up my small tree and I will do that later today.

I got the Bella Shawl blocked and here is the finished product.

Bella Shawl - complete

I really like this shawl.

I also finished one of the Grade School Turkey socks.  The yarn is by Desert Vista Dyeworks and I am using a basic sock pattern with a size 1 needle.

Grade School Turkey Scok 1 - complete

I started on the second sock.  Looks like I won’t have this finished for Thanksgiving.  Oh well.  I am enjoying knitting this sock.

I also received a skein of yarn from the Lemonade Shop.  It’s fingering weight yarn and the color is Holiday 2014.

Lemonade Shop - Holiday 2014

I still have one more day of peace and quiet before I am back at work again.  December is going to be a hectic month.  I have to get my Christmas shopping finished.  Enjoy the holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I finally finished something

It’s been awhile, but I finally finished the Bella Shawl.  This was made with Miss Babs Yowza in the color Zombie Prom using a size 6 and size 4 needle.  I am happy how it turned out.  Here is the shawl blocking.

Bella Shawl - Blocking

The Miss Babs skeins are Babettes, which mean that no two skeins are the same.  Two friends of mine also made this shawl using the same color.  See how they differ. I think mine is on the top.  We each like the color we got.

Three Bella Shawl's

I have also been working on my Thanksgiving sock using the color Grade School Turkey.  I have turned the heel on the first sock.  This is Dancing Dog Dyeworks yarn using a basic sock pattern with a size 1 needle.

Grade School Turkey Sock 1 - Foot

I have bought more yarn.  I had to get more Miss Babs Yowza for another shawl (plus a spare).  The colors are Bat S**t Crazy and Prince.

Miss Babs - Yowza - Nov 2014

Also, I got Noro Kureyon to make some mittens from a pattern that Susan B. Anderson did.  The pattern is called Waiting for Winter.  The color is 344.  Plus, I also got some Lang Jawoll sock yarn that has the reinforcing thread.  The color is a green.

Noro Kureyon and Jawoll

From the Lemonade Shop on Etsy, I got Lavender Speckles in a fingering weight.

Lemonade Shop - Lavender speckled yarn

From Knit Circus, I got one of her gradient sock yarns (Greatest of Ease) in the color Tropical Sunset.

Knit Circus - Greatest of Ease - tropical sunset

It’s getting cold outside. Time to get knitting!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Started a New Sock

Finally, I have started a new sock.  Maybe this will get me knitting more.  I am using a basic sock pattern with Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso yarn in the color Grade School Turkey.  I figure that this will be great for Thanksgiving.  I am using a size 1 needle.

Turkey Sock 1 - Cuff

I guess I better start a new sock since I got more sock yarn this week.  From Simply socks, I got Opal Hunterwasser Sock in the color 3206.  I also got Poste self striping yarn in the color Camp Crystal Lake. I better get knitting!

Opal and Poste Yarn

I am still working on the Bella shawl.  I have one more repeat and then I am nearing the end.  I love knitting the shawl, but I am ready to move on to another project (or should I say finish another project).

Saturday, October 18, 2014

More yarn–little knitting

Got more yarn in this week.  Maybe this will get me to knit more?  I really need to get back in the groove.  I need to knit more socks since it’s sock weather now.

From Simply Socks, I got Poste self striping yarn in the color Elm Street.

Poste Yarn - Elm Street

I also bought Sknitches Syncopation self striping in the color Militia.

Sknitches - Militia

From Desert Vista Dyeworks, I got Viso self striping in the color Zombody’s Bobbin for Apples.

Desert Vista Dye Works - Zombody's bobbin for apples

From Must Stash yarn, I got her perfect sock self striping in the color Dark Side of the Moon.

Must Stash - Dark side of the Moon

Finally, I also bought Juniper Moon Tenzing in the color sand to make a cardigan.  But, first I have to finish the Gale Sweater.

Juniper Moon - Tenzing - Sand

Now, it’s time to knit

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall is Definitely Here

You can tell that Fall is here.  It’s getting darker earlier, the leaves are falling off of the trees, and it’s getting colder.

Today was a dreary day.  It  rained in the morning and stayed dreary until late this afternoon.  I hate that it gets darker earlier and soon daylight savings time will go away.  Contrary to many people, I love daylight savings time.  I love when it stays lighter longer in the evening.

I really haven’t done much knitting. I am still working on the Bella shawl and that seems to be taking forever.  In the meantime I want to cast on more projects.

I have bought yarn.  From the Lemonade Shop on Etsy, I got her Rainbow Striped Yarn.

Rainbow Striped Yarn - Lemonade Shop

From Little Skein, I bought the Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stealer yarn in the color Anne’s Story.

Leading Men Fiber Arts - Anne's Story

From Fab Funky Fibres, I bought her self striping sock yarn in the color New Grave Disorder:

Fab Funky Fibers - New Grave Disorder

And New Double Bubble Toil and Trouble:

Fab Funky Fibers - New Double Bubble toil and trouble

Now, I better get knitting socks.  I have a pair on the needles, but haven’t touched them in ages.  I need to make more time to knit.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I have got to get knitting

Where did the time go?  I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I posted anything on this blog.  First, I started back at work part time and as a result I haven’t been knitting much.  That certainly hasn’t stopped me from starting something new though.

I did buy some yarn.  I got a skein of self striping yarn from Quaere Fibre Arts.  The color is called Zombified and it comes with a solid color green for heels and toes.

Quare Fibres - Zombified

I also bought two skeins of Malabrigo worsted yarn in Apple Green.

Malabrigo Worsted - apple green

I bought the Malabrigo because I bought a zoom loom by Schadt.  I have been wanting to try this for awhile and finally took the step.

Zoom Loom

I used the Malabrigo yarn on the loom to make a square.

Zoom Loom Square

This works up fast.  It took maybe 20 – 30 minutes for my first try.  Now I know what I am doing it should go faster. You can sew the squares together to make all kinds of things.  There is even a book you can buy called Pin Loom weaving my Margaret Stump for project ideas.  I got all of this from the Woolery.

I have a couple of other looms like this but never used them because the instructions weren’t clear.  It was ideal that I didn’t have this size and the instructions were great.  I will have to try using those looms too.

Because I haven’t been knitting much, I haven’t been knitting on any socks although I do have a sock on the needles and I really need to finish those.  It’s starting to get to be sock weather and I have started to wear socks again and I keep buying self striping sock yarn.

I have been knitting shawls.  I finally got to the second color on the Cameo shawl.  I am using a size 5 needle with Madelinetosh sock in tart and farmhouse white (although the white looks like a really light grey in person).  This shawl keeps getting bigger and takes longer to finish a row.  Yikes!

Cameo Shawl - 1

Cameo Shawl - 2

I also started the Bella Shawl using Miss Babs Yowza in the color Zombie Prom using a size 4 and size 6 needle.  There are three of us knitting this shawl using the same yarn in the same color and they are all different.  One is more green, one is more pink and mine is more purplish.  This is knit sideways.  I do love the Yowza yarn.

Bella Shawl

One other thing that I did finish was the Almost Lost Washcloth pattern.  I used Sugar and Cream yarn in the color Over the Rainbow with a size 7 needle.  The pattern called for 14 points, but I did 15.

Almost Lost Washcloth

There are so many other projects that I want to start, so I guess I have got to get knitting!