Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

It’s so hard to believe that it’s the end of May and we will be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend.  The last few days have been cool and today I have a picnic to go to .  Hope it warms up.  At least the sun is shining.

I finished the Cameo shawl.  I didn’t have enough of the red in one skein to finish the striping, but since I started this shawl last year, I forgot I bought two skeins of both colors.  So, I was able to finish the pattern as written.  I only needed one skein of the white.  I used Madelinetosh Tosh sock yarn in tart and farmhouse white with a size 5 needle.

Cameo Shawl - complete

I still need to block the shawl.  This is another pattern that called for the picot bindoff.  It wasn’t too bad as it didn’t have as many stitches as the Yowza weigh it shawl.

Since I have been so good, I cast on another sock.  I am using a basic sock pattern with a size zero needle.  I started with a size 1, but the pattern was pooling, so I dropped down a size.  The yarn is by Lemonade Shop and is the rainbow stripe color.  I already finished the leg on the first sock.  The yarn is really soft and nice to work with.

Lemonade Shop - Rainbow Stripe - sock 1 - leg

I plan on going back to the Gale sweater this weekend.  This is another project that I need to finish.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Finished Objects

I completed the Bulky Rayon Chenille Cowl using Blue Heron Bulky Rayon Chenille.  I used a size 6 needle.  I did wash and dry it.  The approximate size prior to washing was 46 inches and it grew to about 56 inches.  I panicked when it was drying as I didn’t think it was growing, so I stretched it.  I had to turn the dryer back on several times. Unfortunately, some of the side stitches broke.  I used needle and thread and sewed it back together.  I think it will be okay.  The cowl really softened up after washing and drying.  I will definitely make another, but will not stretch it.   I believe that it will grow once completely dry.

Bulky Rayon Chenille Cowl

I also finished the CookieA Hedera socks.  I can’t believe that I cast these on almost a year ago.  I used Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn in the Blueberry color with a size 1 needle.    I love this yarn.  The pattern was easy and I enjoyed it.

Hedera Sock Complete

I started back knitting the cameo shawl.  This is another project that is almost a year old.  I am knitting the striped section now and am more than half way completed.  I panicked because I didn’t think that I would have enough of the main color yarn (Madelinetosh sock in tart) to finish all of the striped repeats.  Good I checked Ravelry because I bought two skeins of both colors, so I will have enough.  I am using Madelinetosh sock in tart and farmhouse white with a size 5 needle.

Cameo Shawl - Striped section

It feels good to finish my knitting projects.  After the cameo shawl, I will go back and finish the Gale sweater.  I’m being real good and not casting on any new projects.  That helps a lot.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

It feels good to finish projects

I am finished with the Yowza Weigh it Shawl.  I used Miss Babs Yowza yarn in the color prince with a size 7 needle.  The knitting wasn’t bad, but the picot bindoff was torture.  I couldn’t wait to finish it, but it got nice.  I do need to block it though.

Yowza Weigh it Shawl 1 - complete

I also finished the first Hedera Sock by Cookie A.  I am using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn in the color blueberry with a size 1 needle.  I love Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn.  The stitch definition is wonderful.

Hedera Sock -1

I cast on for the second sock, but I’m currently trying to finish the Blue Heron Bulky Chenille Cowl.  I am close to finishing this project, so I think that I will keep at it.  Interesting that these 3 projects are in the blue family.

I also bought some Universal Yarn in Cotton Supreme.  I need cotton yarn like I need a hole in my head, but I wanted to try this cotton yarn out.  I will make a washcloth out of it.

Universal Yarn - Cotton Supreme - color 611

So, this week my goals are to finish the cowl, cast on the washcloth and make progress on the second Hedera sock.  Here’s hoping that I can do it.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Finally it’s warm outside

Today was a beautiful day.  It was warm enough to sit outside to knit and read.  I really enjoyed it and it looks as if this coming week will be the same.  Finally winter is behind us.

I have finally been knitting and trying to finish things before casting on something new.  I did finish the Sunny Baby Blanket that I was working on.  I used Encore in the color 0215 ( a yellow color) with a size 8 needle.  I did adjust the pattern.  I cast on 108 stitches and only did 9 repeats total of the pattern.  I like how it turned out.

Sunny Baby Blanket

I also finished my St. Patrick’s Day socks.  It’s a little after St. Patrick’s day isn’t it?  I used Fab Funky Fibers yarn in the color Shades of Green with a size 1 needle.  I also did an afterthought heel for this sock.

Green Socks

I am working on finishing the Cookie A Hedera socks, the Yowza weigh it shawl, and the Bulky Rayon Chenille Cowl.  Hopefully, I will have another finished object this week.

I did buy more yarn.  I got Madelinetosh sport yarn in the Woodstock color.  I plan on using this to make a shawl.  I don’t know what kind yet, but I am sure I will find a pattern.  However, this is on the back burner for now because I want to finish some projects first.

Madelinetosh - sport - Woodstock

I also got Llama Lace Melange yarn in colors 105 and 106.  I plan on using this to knit the kite shawl.

Llama Lace Melange

Last, but not least, I had preordered yarn from Fibernymph Dyeworks in Soft Kitty, which is in the Bedazzled Base and Sad Panda, which is in her Bounce Base.  I got those this week.

Fibernymph Dye Works - soft kitty and sad panda

My camera broke, so I ordered a new one.  I should get it this week.  I ordered a new bag from CraftssoMatic on Etsy and I want to show the picture of it.  It is so cute.  I had to order another bag from her and that should come this week.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Back to the knitting

Well, I think I got my knitting mojo back.  I have been knitting a lot more than I have been in awhile.  Maybe it’s because the snow is finally gone from my yard and after ending March with snow, it looks like April will really be bringing us the spring weather.   Although, we may have rain, at least it will be warmer.  Tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be in the 60’s.  How wonderful is that?

I have been knitting on my Yowza  weigh it shawl.  I am using a size 7 needle with Miss Babs Yowza yarn in the color Prince.   I still have a way to go, but it has gotten bigger.

Yowza Weight it shawl

I finally finished one of my St. Patrick’s sock except for the heel.  I am doing an afterthought heel on these socks, so I will do the heels when I finish both socks.  I am using a size 1 needle and I’m using Fab Funky Fibers shades of green yarn.  I did start on the second sock.

Fab Funky Fibers - St. Patricks Sock

I also worked on the Blue Heron Bulky Rayon Diagonal Cowl.  I am using Blue Heron Bulky Rayon Chenille  in a blue violet colorway with a size 6 needle.

Blue Heron Cowl

I like this cowl so much and also the yarn, so I bought another skein in the color silver.

Blue Heron Bulky Rayon Chennile - Silver

I am working on a third hitchhiker.  I am using Wollmeise pure in the Amazonia color with a size 2 needle. 

Hitchhiker #2

Last, but not least, I am knitting a second baby blanket for charity.  This is the Sunny baby blanket that I have made before.  I really like the pattern.  I am using a size 8 needle and I’m using Encore worsted yarn in the color 0215 (a yellow color).

Sunny Baby Blanket - Yellow

I did finish a Bonbon bunny for my great niece for Easter.  This is a great pattern by Susan Claudino (no knit sherlock).  The pattern has great instructions.  They are very detailed and I love it that you don’t have to sew the limbs on.  They are attached as you knit with a three needle bindoff.  It knit up very fast.  I used a size 4 needle with Gnome Acres Squishy Gnome in the Bunny foo foo colorway.

Bon Bon

I have so many other projects that I want to start, but I need to finish some of these projects.  So, back to the knitting for me.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Counting the days to Spring

Honestly, I can’t wait for the warmer weather.  We haven’t had a ton of snow, but we had several days of snow throughout the winter and I am so sick of it.  It has been melting and I can’t wait until it’s all gone.  At least the temperature has been in the 40’s and 50’s and the sun has been out most days.  Today is a dreary rainy day, but the rain has to be melting the snow.  Right?

I haven’t been knitting much.  I had an upper respiratory infection and that has kept me down.  I am almost over it all together and I am happy about that.

I did finish the vertical lines baby blanket.  I used a size 9 needle with Encore Colorspun in color 7650.  This is for charity.

Vertical Lines Baby Blanket

I then bought more baby yarn to make blankets.  I got Encore color 0215 and Encore Colorspun in color 7749.

Encore for Baby Blankets

After finishing the vertical lines baby blanket, I started my third Sunny Baby Blanket.  This time I used a yellow yarn (Encore in color 0215) with a size 8 needle. I am making this pattern smaller than it is supposed to be.  I cast on 108 stitches and won’t have as many repeats.

Sunny Baby Blanket 3

I also bought yarn from GnomeAcres in her fingering and worsted weight to make bunny rabbits out of the color bunny foo foo.  I hope to get one made for Easter for my great niece.  The pattern is BonBon by Susan Claudino (no knit sherlock on Ravelry).  It’s so cute.

Gnome Acres Bunny Foo Foo Kits

I have so many things on the needles, so I have to get back to those projects too.  Maybe the nicer weather will get me knitting?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Many projects on the needles

Everywhere I look, I have knitting bags with projects inside.  What was I thinking?  To top it off, I could start more projects.  I think I need to finish some before starting something else.

What do I have on the needles that I am actively knitting (note that I said actively – I have other projects on the needles that are in time out)?

1. The chenille diagonal cowl

2. Hitchhiker

3. Yowza weigh it shawl

4. Cameo Shawl

5. Hedera sock

6. Gale sweater

7. Baby blanket shown below

8. St. Patrick’s day sock shown below

Too many projects and not enough time……..

I did start a baby blanket to donate to a hospital.  I am using the Vertical Lines Baby Blanket pattern with a size 9 needle.  I am using Plymouth Yarns Encore Colorspun in the color 7650.

Encore Colorspun - 7650

I just started this on Friday and this is how far I have knitted.  It is interesting how the colors are knitting up.  I am using the Addi Turbo needles with this project and I just love these needles.

Vertical Lines Blanket

I also got past the heel on my St. Patrick’s day sock.  I figured that I needed to do an afterthought heel for this sock.  I am using Fab Funky Fibers yarn in the Shades of Green color with a size 1 needle.  I am only using a basic sock pattern for this sock.

Shades of Green - Sock 1B

I had put in a request many months ago for Dream in Color Classy in the color Mountain Wildflowers at the Loopy Ewe.  The yarn finally came in and now I have two skeins.  I think this will be a hat and cowl.

Dream in Color Classy - Mountain Wildflowers

Back to knitting and listening to podcasts.