Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planning the Next Projects

I had a nice week. It went fast and I got to go to my knitting class on Friday and Saturday. I worked on my Central Park Hoodie. I am just about finished with the back, but keep messing up the last six rows. I was also able to start knitting again on my Malabrigo sock and also knit on my prayer shawl. I am close to finishing the second skein of yarn and will start the third and last one. The end is in sight.

I did buy the skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino Yarn that I wanted. Maybe this week I will start knitting the Fiddlehead scarf. The yarn is a pretty green and blue.

Ella Rae Lace Merino
One of the knitter's in my group was working on a prayer shawl using Plymouth's Encore Boucle Yarn in a blue/green colorway. I just loved it, so I bought 6 skeins. After I finish my current prayer shawl. I will start one with this yarn.
Plymouth Encore Boucle
I also stopped in at Michael's on Saturday and bought 6 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn in dusty green to make a scarf.
Vanna's Choice
I think I'm in project overload.
I did complete the March Mid-Month KAL for my dishcloth group. It's called the Windmill Dishcloth by Sewfunky. I used Peaches n Creme in Aqua Mist ombre with a size 6 needle. This was a fun dishcloth to knit.
Windmill Dishcloth - MidMarch KAL
Tax season is getting close to the end. I will feel better when I get three tax returns completed that are complex. Hopefully, I can get two of them finished this week. Only 18 more days to go!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love Spring

I love Spring and I love daylight savings time. It's so nice to have it stay lighter longer and even though the temperature could be warmer, at least it's not snowing or freezing out. March is almost over and that means April is around the corner. Soon we will be able to get out our porch furniture and sit outside. I can't wait!

I think I am getting my knitting mojo back. With the new yarn shop opening and tax season almost ending, I will have more time to knit and get some of my projects finished as well as start new projects. I have been pretty good about buying new yarn. Most of what I have been getting is from yarn or sock clubs.

I finally got my first shipment from the Lime and Violet Intentions Clubs. I am pleased with the yarn and the colorway. It's a superwash merino with bamboo in a green and purple colorway.

Intentions Yarn Club - Bliss
I also bought a skein of the Berocco Sox metallic yarn in color 1375. Of course I had to get this from The Knitter's Edge.
Berocco Sox - Metallic - 1375
They also carry Ella Rae lace merino. I really want to make something with that yarn and did find a project. It's the Fiddlehead scarf from Knitspot. I got the pattern so now when I go to class this week, I will pick out a skein of yarn. It takes 350 yards of yarn and I believe that the ella rae lace merino has more than 400 yards on the skein. I can't wait to start it, but this gives me the incentive to work on other projects I need to finish. And, I do want to do another Vintage Velvet scarf using the Touch me yarn.
I do love the Ella Rae books. I saw one on the Internet and had it on my list of things to purchase and was jumping up and down when I found it at The Knitter's Edge. One book is afghans and the other has great sweater patterns. I already have a sweater picked out, but need to finish my Central Park Hoodie first.
Well, I'm off to do some knitting.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Knitters Edge

The Knitters Edge Yarn shop in Bethlehem is now open for business. It was a great day at knitting class today to see knitters come in to shop and check out the new yarn store. It was neat watching the faces of people as they walked through the door.

Here are some pictures:

The front of the shop


The wonderful bow window
Front Bow Window
Entrance from the Parking Lot
Entrance from Parking Lot
Front of the store
What you see when you walk in the door - Bins of yarn
Inside Shop 1
Classroom area - There are three classrooms
A cozy place to sit and knit
Sit and Knit
My Saturday Knitting class
Knitting Class
Eileen, Cindy and Joanne
Eileen, Cindy and Joanne
I didn't want to leave. It's a great place to shop and knit. Location is at 15th Avenue and Broad Street (1601 W. Broad Street) and phone number is 610-419-9276. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vintage Velvet Scarf

Ah, I finished it. I finished the Vintage Velvet Scarf in Touch Me Yarn on size 8 needles. The color is navy. I've knitted another scarf using Touch Me yarn and felted it, but it's been so long that I was nervous doing it again. I put it in the washer and then the dryer. I had to keep putting it in the dryer because it was too wet. I finally know what damp means. It turned out well, but I didn't get it dry in time to give it to my knitting friend at class on Saturday. At least there is still time to turn it in next week. I am showing two pictures. One before felting and one after.

Pre felting it looks like this:

Vintage Scarf - prefelted
After felting it looks like this:
Vintage Scarf - felted
It is so soft. I could pet it all day.
Now that I finished this project, I can go back to knitting the Central Park Hoodie, a prayer shawl and socks!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A great Knitting Week

What a week. We started with a snowstorm on Monday and ended with 60 + degrees today. It was an overcast day. I did get some house cleaning done though and I feel better about that. My house really needs a good cleaning. Working is getting in the way.

I had a good knitting week though. I completed the March KAL. The dishcloth is called Pot of Gold by Emily Jagos. It's a cute cloth. I used Peaches and Creme in gold with size 6 needles.

March KAL - Pot of Gold
I am getting closer to finishing the scarf for the Child Advocacy Auction. I really would like to be finished by Saturday to give to my knitting friend at the Baum School of Art. I am on my fifth ball of yarn and then will have one more to go. After that I will need to weave in the ends and then felt it. I can't wait to see how it looks when I'm finished.
I finally got my first shipment from the Loopy Ewe sock club. What great things came in the package. They sent Handmaiden Casbah yarn in Ocean Currents, with a pattern called Under the Sea designed by Sharon Hart. Also included were a few knitting trinkets: A carabiner, a metal tape measure with pen, and a sock needle measurer by Karatstix. I just love all of it.
Loopy Ewe Sock Club - March 09
I got my next shipment of Sundara Sock Yarn. The colorways from top to bottom are: Autumn rose, Plum and Prickly pear. They are great colors.
Sundara Sock Yarn - March 09
I went to knitting class this week at the new shop in Bethlehem, PA called The Knitters Edge. What a great shop! It won't be open for business until around March 19th, but we are able to have class there. There are three classrooms. An area by a beautiful bow window that has sofas and chairs and many many bins to fill with yarn. I did see Encore, Noro, and Debbie Bliss. She still has alot to put out. It's very open and bright. It will be a great shop and I cannot wait to go again next Saturday.
Check out Maggie May. I think she is tired after following me around all day. I think it's cute that she has her favorite ball by her side and check out her tongue (you know she is content when it's sticking out).
Tired Maggie May

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Waiting for Snow

I can't believe it's Sunday again. Last week flew by. I had off on Friday, which was really nice. It was my last knitting class at Kraemer Yarns. Next Saturday, I will start at the new yarn shop in Bethlehem, PA. I can't wait to check it out. They are not open yet, so I don't know how much yarn will be on the shelves, but it will be nice to see where it is and get in the groove of the new shop.

I did purchase more Tatamy Tweed worsted yarn at Kraemer's. I got the Cherry color to make another sweater. Since I really liked this yarn I wanted to take advantage of my discount. They didn't have enough on the shelf, but they had more in the back. I was really excited to get it.

Tatamy Tweed - Cherry
I finished up another dishcloth. This was from Rachel's Knitting Room monthly KAL called X's and O's by Rachel van Schie. It's a really pretty pattern and I enjoyed knitting it. I used size 5 needles with Sugar and Cream yarn in rose pink.
X's and O's
It's suppose to snow tomorrow. I am sitting here waiting for it to start. If we get what they say, it looks as if I will be staying home tomorrow. That doesn't upset me! However, you never know if they will get it wrong.
I have been knitting on my Touch Me scarf. I really need to get this completed for the auction, so I have been knitting on it whenever I have time. I am close to finishing up the third ball of yarn. I will be halfway done with it. Can't wait to see it finished.