Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling of Accomplishment

It's a wonderful feeling when you are finishing a project or getting close to finishing. It's also wonderful feeling good about what you are knitting verus dreading working on a project. For the most part I am enjoying the projects I am working on. I do have a few that I have put to the side for now, but know that I will eventually finish them.

I am close to finishing the Meilenweit Sock. I need to pick up stitches at the heel and then finishing will go quickly. Just in time for Easter since I am calling these my Easter socks.

Easter Socks - Meilenweit
I started another sock by Sheepaints. It's their bamboolaine line in Grapes. I am using size 2 needles on this sock as well and I like how it's striping. It's different than other socks I have knit since the stripes are wider.
Sheepaints - Grapes
I believe that for my next sock, I will try the monkey sock pattern using Dream in Color Smooshy. Can't wait to start these.
I have also finished one Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth. One down and two to go. I enjoyed knitting this pattern. I liked the size 6 needles for this cloth.
Awareness Ribbon Cloth - 2
And, I finished the squidge cloth in Peaches and Cream. This was a fun cloth to knit.
Squidge Cloth
I am just about finished with the front of my sweater. I should be able to complete that before the end of this week and then I can start on the sleeves. Yippee! I will be glad to finally finish this project. I have a black shrug that I haven't worked on for quite awhile. I only have a row or two to finish, so I will work on this next after my sweater is done.
Ah, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when projects are finished or just about finished!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitting Friends

Finally got to go to knitting class on Saturday. Boy was I glad to be back. Here are some pictures of my fellow knitters.

Kraemers 4
Ann Marie and Sharon
Kraemers 2
Kathy, Rose and Pat our wonderful teacher
Kraemers 1
Lois and Maria
Kraemers 3
Gail and Donna
I am glad to be back. I missed being there and missed all my knitting friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sock Yarn - a Discovery

Sock yarn is amazing. Before I knew even how to knit socks, I would browse through blogs and see the finished socks of different bloggers. The patterns and colors amazed me and had me chomping at the bit to learn how to do this. When I saw a patterned sock (simple stockinette) and I loved the colors and pattern, I would determinedly look through the blog notes to find what sock yarn and what color it was. (As a side note, I really wish bloggers would not be so mysterious and let us know the yarn brand and color they used. I hate when they keep it a secret). I am a pretty good detective and most of the time, I can find the yarn. I then proceeded to buy it, even though I didn't knit socks. The best part is that it is usually only one (or two) skeins, which isn't always much of an investment.

Eventually, I did learn how to knit socks. I have found that it's a wonderful process knit up this yarn and any new sock yarn I have discovered. But what is even more enlightening is finding yarn that I really enjoy knitting (separate from the color). The way some yarns feel as you knit makes a whole lot of difference on how you stick with a project. So far, I have loved to knit with Socks that Rock, Colinette Jitterbug, Wollmeise, Plucky Knitter, and now Lana Grossa's Meilenweit Multieffekt. Each yarn has it's own feel and texture and when I find that I enjoy knitting with it, I knit faster and want to knit it rather than leaving it as a work in progress. I often think of Miss Violet of Lime and Violet who will squeal, when she finds a sock yarn she wants and is able to buy it. I feel that excitement now when I find a sock yarn I love to knit with.

I love the pattern that comes out of these yarns. As I knit, I want to knit faster to see what comes next in the pattern. It really is a joy to have this excitement come over you to keep knitting so you can finish to see the final result.

I love knitting on size 2 bamboo double pointed needles. Size 1 needles are okay, but my fingers feel cramped. Plus, you have to knit longer to get the size sock you want. After using size 1 needles, Size 2 needles make it feel as if you are flying when you knit. (Bloggers, please also give us the size needles you used to make your sock. Size does matter. In some cases, to avoid pooling, you need to change needle sizes).

So, here are my Meilenweit Multieffekt socks in color 3124 that I am knitting on size 2 bamboo needles. I just love knitting with this yarn and I love the pattern. I call them my Easter socks.

Multieffect Sock
Also, on the needles are two dishcloths. I am knitting the Squidge Cloth by Knit-Nutt. I am using size 6 knitpicks needles with Peaches and Cream in Sea Mist.
Squidge Cloth
I am also knitting the Awareness Ribbon Cloth by Donna Burgess using Sugar and Cream in Rose Pink with size 6 needles.
Awareness Cloth
Still knitting my sweater and I am close to finishing the front. Hopefully, the weather will allow me to go to class on Saturday as I might be able to complete it by then.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finishing is Rewarding

I feel good. I actually finished something this week. In fact, I finished two items. I completed the February KAL from the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group. I used Sugar and Cream in rose pink on size 7 needles. I really liked this pattern.

I also completed my Plucky Knitter socks in Palatial. I love, love this yarn and the color. I think I would like to even knit a second pair using size 1.5 needles. I have more Plucky Knitter yarn and will definately have to cast on another pair of socks using her yarn.
Plucky Knitter - Palatial completed
This week, I need to work on my sweater. I am so excited because I get to go to my knitting class on Saturday. I haven't been there for three weeks, so I am anxious to get back. It gives me something to look forward too.

Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Tax Time

I had a busy week last week. This week will also be busy, but at least I have off the weekend and next week gets better. I did get to work on my sweater a little bit and cast on for the second Plucky Knitter sock.

I started on the February dishcloth KAL yesterday. I checked out the Elmore Pisgah web site and they have the yarn on special for all of the KALs for the year. I am really tempted to order since the majority of the colors are solids and I need solid colors. So, I may be breaking my stash building with this purchase. I will hold off until later this week to decide. Peaches and Creame is much nicer than Sugar and Cream.

I did get more Plucky Knitter yarn. Both are 100% merino fingering yarn. I got colors Toille and Josie. Can't wait to try another pair of socks with this.

Plucky Knitter - Merino
I do miss my knitting class on Friday's and Saturday's. Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into by going back to work for tax season. But, I just need to hang in there. Next Saturday, I will be able to go back to class. I really like staying home and not working.