Sunday, September 24, 2006


Many things got finished this week of vacation. It was pretty productive week:

1. I finished the afghan I was knitting.

2. I finished the half-pi shawl and I'm now blocking it. Blocking is not as easy as I thought it would be.

3. I read a great book by Jeannette Walls called The Glass Castle. What a book! I highly recommend it. It's about a family that has dysfunctional parents. Actually, the parents are irresponsible and only think about themselves and not about their children. While this is a negative, there were many good things about the story that is a biography of Jeannette Wells and her upbringing. It just goes to prove that if you put your mind to something, you can succeed.

4. I am getting better at figuring out how to post things to this blog (i.e. the sidebar). I certainly need to read more about html, but I'm slowly getting it after making a few mistakes. The tricky part was trying to post tags on the sidebar. What an accomplishment to have figured it out. I feel as if I'm back to the old days when you had to put codes into a word processing program for line breaks, capital letters, and other punctuation.

5. And, last but not least, vacation is finished. That is a sad thing. I enjoyed this week and got to relax and do what I wanted to do (well, most of the time).

Now, I am working on a poncho and shrug. These are two more things that I started a long time ago and never finished. I am now down to 8 projects from 17. Not bad. After I complete these two, I will start something new.

Well, this week will be crazy after a week off. I will have alot of catching up to do.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Time to Relax

I am on vacation again and boy am I glad. I hope to complete my afghan this week as well as my half pi shawl. Then maybe I can move onto something else. I am itching to knit the Entrelac dishcloth and the Ball Band dishcloth from the Mason Dixon book.

I will post pictures as I complete them. Right now I will post the picture of the comfortghan I received from my dishcloth sistas. It's gorgeous! I love the colors and there is not a square that I don't like.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Busy Knitting and Working

Well, I attempted to finish the floral washcloth. I broke a stitch as I was trying to knit it. It just broke into two pieces. This is the second time that this happened with this chenille yarn. So, I gave up. It's in the trash and I am done with it.

I am currently working on the bind off row on my half-pi shawl and did cast on for the last afghan strip. I started to get forearm pain, so I held off knitting too much this week. It seems to be going away.

One surprise I had was that I got a comfortghan this week from my dishcloth group. It is gorgeous! I will post a picture either later this week or next weekend.

Work is very busy and I go away for a three day meeting this week, so not much else to say today. But I'm looking forward to Friday night because it's the start of another vacation. So I do have something to look forward to. Like maybe finishing two projects?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I can't get no Satisfaction ......

All I want to do is finish three projects. 1. An afghan 2. Half Pi Shawl and 3. Floral Washcloth

I started sewing the strips of the afghan together. Not as easy as it looks. I must have ripped my sewing out several times for each strip. Finally got to the last strip and what do my eyes see? A dropped stitch. Can you believe I dropped a stitch! Of course it wasn't at the end of the strip. It was at the beginning. So, after some consideration and disgust, I have decided to reknit the strip. Fortunately, I have another ball of yarn, plus leftover yarn from the other strips and if I need to, I can rip apart the bad strip (I just don't feel like ripping it apart unless I need the yarn). So maybe I can finish it up in a week or so.

I am working on completing the half pi shawl. Maybe if I am lucky, I will get it done this weekend. I have about 11 rows to go. Will I survive? I hope so.

I do plan on working on the floral washcloth this weekend too.

I am chopping at the bit to start a new project, but just refuse until I finish something. If I get the half pi shawl done, I may cast on a scarf or dishcloth.

After I finish these three projects though I still have 8 more projects to go.

I am dreaming of Handmaiden sea silk, lornas laces, koigu, and brown sheep wool (Possibly Manos del Uraguay too). I have been eyeing the Knit Pick needles and think I will succumb to buying them as well as the knitting bags they now have.

Too much to knit, so little time.