Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Work Break means more time to knit

I finally finished a project (even though it was a small one). I finished the Mid June KAL from my Dishcloth KAL. It's called Joanne's Washcloth by Michelle Miller . I used size 6 needles with Peaches and Creme yarn in faded glory. I really liked this colorway and will probably buy a cone of it when I place my next order with Peaches and Creme. The pattern was really nice to work, but next time I think I will change it to make the pattern more symetrical.

June 09 Mid Month KAL

I am almost finished with my Sundara sock in Prickly Pear. I just have to finish the toe, but here is a picture that I took earlier.

Sundara Sock - Prickly Pear 2

I really like the yarn. I need to finish these and get back to my Malabrigo socks because two of my other knitter friends and I are going to knit the croc socks by Monica Knits. We are going to do this at the same time to help each other. We are also each working on the Girasole by Jared Flood.

I was very happy to be able to purchase another knitting bag from Green Mountain Bags. This is called the Madison Bag, which is also called a sweater bag (it's large enough to put a sweater in it). I love the pattern because it's different from anything I ever had before.



I also purchased some more yarn (like I really need it), but I couldn't resist. I got Plymouth Montagna yarn (2 skeins) for a scarf

Plymouth Yarn - Montagna 767

and Fortissima sock yarn that stripes in red, white and blue (now how could I turn that down with the Fourth of July around the corner).

Fortissima Sock - 1776

Plus, I couldn't turn down buying more Touch Me yarn from Jimmy Beans wool since it was on sale for an unbeatable price. I got 6 skeins of dark taupe and cream. Time to make another scarf.

Touch Me Yarn

I will have lots more time to knit since I have to take 8 weeks off from work. So, I don't go back until after Labor Day. I am so glad for the break.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love to Read Books

I have been reading a lot and I have been enjoying it very much.

What I Did For Love - Susan Elizabeth Philips
The 8th Confession - James Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous - Fern Michaels
Big Cherry Holler - Adriana Trigiani - Great book from the series Big Stone Gap
First Comes Marriage - Debbie Macomber
Wanted: Perfect Partner - Debbie Macomber
Vision in White - Nora Roberts - Great story, can't wait for the sequel
The Other Side and Back - Silvia Browne
All Pets Go to Heaven - Silvia Browne
Bulls Island - Dorothea Benton Frank - I love all of her books
The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch
Accident - Danielle Steel
Summer on Blossom Street - Debbie Macomber
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Lisa See
Illusions - Janet Dailey
Eucalyptus - Murray Bail
Dropped Dead Stitch - Maggie Sefton
Lorelei's Guiding Light - Lorelei Hills
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind - Ann B. Ross - I read this in a day and got more books in the series
Look Again - Lisa Scottoline
The Rest of Her Life - Laura Moriarty

I love to read books, especially in the summer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weather has got me down.

The weather sure is getting me down. There is totally too much rain going on here. Today, we are not having rain and currently the sun is shining, but it comes and goes. I guess I shouldn't complain because it will probably get real hot and I'll be complaining about that.

I have been knitting up a storm. I got through Chart C of my girasole. I really am enjoying this pattern. I also have been knitting on my Sundara sock and hope to finish up one sock today.
I have a dishcloth on the needles from my Yahoo KAL group, but I think there is an error in the pattern, so I haven't finished it yet until I find out for sure. This is getting to be a common occurance with these KALs.

I ordered more sock yarn from Sweet Georgia. I just love her colors. From left to right the colors are Boyesenberry, Saltwater, and Savory. I just need to get some socks finished so I can try one of these colorways.

Sweet Georgia - Boysenberry - Saltwater - Savory

I also got some Mama Llama Original sock yarn from the Color Coop club.

Mama Llama Original Sock - Color Coop

I love these project bags from KIP bags by ruddawg on etsy. Right now she doesn't have any bags, but keep checking because it's worth it. The red bag has a divider inside that is great for two separate balls of yarn to use for two socks on two circular needles. The bags also have pockets inside to put needles and other knitting gadgets. She did a really nice job on these.

Project Bag

I also got a nostepinne from A Piece of Vermont.


Well, guess I'll go knit.....or maybe read.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Milestones and Annie Modesitt

Can you believe that I forgot my anniversaries?

On May 28th, it was my three year anniversary for writing this blog. I can't believe I've been at this for three years now.

On June 12th, it was my 5th year anniversary for going to knitting classes. I started out at Kraemer Yarns and followed my teacher to The Knitter's Edge. I've come a long way since that Saturday in June.

In May, I was fortunate to meet Annie Modesitt at Mountain Knits and Pearls in East Stroudsburg. She taught a combination knitting class there. What fun! She also taught us the grandma's increase and knitting without a cable needle. I enjoyed meeting her and learning new techniques.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

What a wonderful day. I got to go to knitting and see all of my friends and it finally turned out to be a nice sunny day. We have had so many dreary and rainy days that it didn't feel as if summer would ever get here. I think we may be seeing more of the sun now. Next I will be complaining about the hot weather.

I started my Girasole. I am using size 10 needles with Crystal Palace Eco Alpaca in natural. What lovely yarn. This is my first pattern knitting from a chart and it hasn't been too bad. I am making the blanket, but it can also be made as a shawl. This is a wonderful pattern and not a difficult knit. I started Chart B. Looking forward to seeing it progress.


I haven't been knitting on my Leaf Lace Scarf by Jane Russell lately, but here is a nice picture. I am using Ella Rae merino yarn in color 103 with a size 3 needle. I really like the Ella Rae yarn and the pattern is an easy lace pattern.

Leaf Lace Scarf

I have also slowed down on my Sundara sock, but at least I am at the heel. The yarn is really nice. The color is Prickly Pear and I'm using size 1 1/2 needles. I started out with size 2's, but frogged and went to the smaller size.

Sundara Sock - Prickly Pear

I really need to have blinder's on my eyes when I am at knitting. I saw a skein of Trekking XXL in a denim blue. I really don't need to buy any sock yarn, but I couldn't pass this one up. Just what I need - another project.

Trekking XXL 335

Oh, Oh, a new yarn shop opened in the area today. I must go visit. It's called Conversational Threads and I know that I won't get out of that store without buying something.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Too Many Projects

I must have a short attention span. I start a project and next thing I know, I drop it and start another. Why is that? Is it because I get bored with what I am knitting because it's taking too long to complete? Is it because I have hit a place that I don't feel comfortable knitting? Is it because I made a mistake and have to rip it out? Is it because I found another project I want to start? Is it because I don't like the pattern or the yarn? I guess at some point one of these is the reason why I drop a project and start another. How about you?

I have been working on some projects. I am still knitting my CPH, but I do have to rip out several rows and reknit them because I made a mistake. It's not too bad and won't take long. I am almost finished with the front and will only have the sleeves to do and then the hard part comes (sewing it together, doing the ribbing and the hood).

I have been working on my lace scarf, but it's not the Fiddle head Scarf. I was getting bored with that one, so I frogged it. I did start another scarf called The Leaf Lace Scarf. Which reminds me that I have to update Raverly with this project and take a picture of it. I like this pattern much better.

I also am working on a sock using Sundara Sock Yarn. I frogged the sock originally because I didn't like how it was pooling, so I went to a smaller needle (size 1-1/2). It's a little better and I can live with it.

Now, I want to start on the Girasole by Jared Flood. It's so beautiful and I want to make a blanket. I ordered the yarn, so I need to wait for that and maybe buy some needles.

In the meantime, The Knitter's Edge has been tempting me with projects. They had Sockotta on sale and showed a knitted scarf using this yarn. It's called the Montego Bay Scarf, which takes only one skein of yarn. Of course I had to buy three skeins. It was so cheap and the scarf would make great presents.


From left to right, color 367, color 6669, and color 5618. Sockotta is 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, and 15% nylon

Then they had a special on Fantasy Naturalle and had a neat pattern for a market bag, so I bought 2 skeins of that to make the pattern. When I will start that is anyone's guess. The color is 9001 and is like a denim color.

Fantasy Naturalle - color 9001

Somewhere, I saw a pattern called the Undulating Waves Scarf by Laura Nelkin. It's a beautiful lace scarf with beads. Well, I just had to have the yarn for that. I ordered a kit with the yarn (Schaefer Heather in the colorway Eleanor Roosevelt), beads and pattern.

Undulating Wave Scarf

What is wrong with me? I am going to have to spend every hour of every day getting all of this knitting done.
I have finished two projects. Ha! Wait until you see this. I finished two dishcloths. I think I like knitting dishcloths because they are quick projects and I finish them. I completed the May Mid-Month dishcloth called Cabbage Patch. I used a size 7 needle with Peaches and Creme in the Shades of Spring colorway. I loved this colorway and I'm thinking of getting a cone of it. When I first saw it I thought it was more baby colors, but it really looks great with this cloth.

Monthly KAL - Mid Month May 2009

I also finished the June KAL called the American Flag dishcloth by Emily Jagos. I used size 6 needles with Peaches and Creme in delft blue. I enjoyed knitting this pattern.

American Flag Dishcloth

Wonder what project will be next to catch my eye? I better count up my knitting projects in progress and see how many I have. I need to focus on finishing them.