Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yes, I’m still buying.  I can’t resist.  But, I am being more selective.

First up is Noro Silk Garden Sock in color S269.  It’s a cream colorway to use in combination with another skein to make a Silk Kerchief.  I am going to use my new size 3 Signature cable needles to knit this.  I just need to finish another project and then I’m casting on.

Noro Silk Garden Sock S269

Second is Sanguine Gryphon’s Codex. I got Flash Harry(green) and Enid Coleslaw (purple) to make the Moody Kerchief.  I may be able to make 2 Kerchiefs out of this.

SG - Codex

Third is Madelinetosh merino light in tern.  This is a grey colorway and is it ever nice.  I am going to use this to make the Twisted Rib Neckwarmer.

Madelinetosh Merino Light - Tern

Fourth is Malabrigo worsted in the colorway Pearl Ten.  I am going to use this to make a slouchy hat.  I have a couple of patterns to choose from and I’m not sure which one I will pick yet.

Malabrigo Merino - Pearl Ten

I thought this was a grey color, but it appears to have some brown in it.

Fifth is Twisted Limone Zingy 100.  I got a shaded solid in a green colorway called Cucumber coblis.

Twisted Limone - Tangy - Cucumber Coblis

And, I also got Tangy in the colorway Fruit Salad. This will have wide stripes.

Twisted Limone - Tangy - Fruit Salad

Last, but not least, I got a monster to knit.  It’s a kit from Danger craft called Iris the Gourmet Monster.  She also has a book that might be available now and I plan on getting that too.  The yarn is from Lorna’s Laces.

Dangercraft - Iris the Gourmet Monster

Now all I need is the time to knit all of these patterns.  Although, we have been having a lot of snow lately, so that might help me.Only 51 days until spring.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finishing and Frogging

Well, I am working on projects.  Many projects, but I am finishing some.  In fact, I’m not letting myself start on another project until I finish something (other than dishcloths).  So that’s a great incentive isn’t it.

I did start to frog some projects that I didn’t think I would finish.  I ripped out the baby sweater.  I wasn’t keen on how it was turning out, so I knit a dishtowel and dishcloth.  The pattern is Annie’s kitchen set by Sue Schaeffer.  I used Katia Tobago in color 53.  I used a size 8 needle for the dishtowel and size 6 needle for the dishcloth.

Dishtowel and Dishcloth

I also ripped out a fetching glove.  I didn’t like the needles I was using and I ripped out a lace shawl (candle flame shawl) I really just had completed the border.  With all the lace shawl patterns out there, I decided that I could find another pattern that I liked better.  Last but not least, I ripped out the silky tie wrap.  I just didn’t like how it was turning out.  I will use the yarn for something else.  I think that is all I will rip out for now.

I finished the January Mid Month KAL from my Monthly Dishcloth group.  The pattern is called Freedom by Sue Schaeffer.  I used Peaches and Crème in a light blue and baby green with size 7 needles.

January Mid Month KAL - Freedom

This would be a good time to mention that I am sad that Elmore Pisgah (maker of Peaches and Crème yarn) sold the company to Spinrite (maker of Sugar and Cream).  I really loved this cotton yarn for dishcloth better than Sugar and Cream.  Fortunately, I have a lot of it in my stash and should be okay for years to come.

One sock is finished in my Lornas Laces basic sock using the Pullman colorway with size 1 needles. I liked how the striping was turning out.

Lornas Laces - Pullman - Basic Sock 1

I’m so excited.  Signature Needles came out with their updated circular needles.  I liked the cable on this needle, so I got a size 3, 24 inch needle with 5 inch metal needle.  Can’t wait to try this.  I have a project in mind, but need to finish some things before starting.  I also got a size 4 cable needle as well as some Double Point tubes from them.

Signature Needles

Just had to show you a picture of Maggie sleeping.  I caught her sleeping on her football.  She so likes her toys, especially her balls and many times has to go and run to get one to sleep with so that she knows where it is before she goes to sleep. Isn’t she cute?

Maggie Sleeping on her ball

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wool Girl Sock Club–December 2010

Well, I got my last Wool Girl Sock club shipment.

Wool Girl December 2010 Sock Club 2

This was a nice club, but I decided to cut back in 2010 and not sign up in 2011.

Wool Girl December 2010 Sock Club

The package included 1 skein of Miss Babs Yummy fingering weight sock yarn in the color Love Letters, a Love Letters sock pattern by IrishGirlie Knits, an Ardor shawlette pattern by Jenny Raymond, a vintage heart sachet, a stitch marker, a set of Love Letter photo greeting cards, a mini Oscar Wilde diary, and a gift tag.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knitting Like Crazy

Maybe it’s the weather.  It’s been cold here and we have had several small snow storms.  That must be what is getting me in the mood to knit and cast on for different projects.

I finished a Darrell Waltrip dishcloth by Rhonda K. White.  I used a size 6 needle with Peaches and Crème in Victorian Christmas.  I enjoyed how this turned out.

Darrell Waltrip - Victorian Christmas

Then I completed the January KAL dishcloth called Happy 2011 by Alli Barrett.  I used a size 6 needle with Peaches and Crème in baby blue.

January 2011 KAL

I also finished my Christmas socks.  I used a  size 1 needle with Frolicking Feet yarn in the color way called Christmas Cactus.

Christmas Socks 2010

I started another sock using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock in the pullman color way with size 1 needles.  This is the first time I am using Lorna’s Laces yarn.  I love how it feels and how it stripes.

Lornas Laces - Basic Sock - Pullman

Then one of my friends was knitting a cowl using Plymouth Yarn Mushishi.  It' looked so nice that I bought the yarn and cast on for the cowl.  It’s a simple pattern of purling 3 rows and knitting 3 rows.  I am using a size 9 needle.

Mushishi Cowl

I found two other patterns that I want to start knitting.  They are both small shawls.  I will be casting on soon.  I just need to get more needles.  Yikes!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2010 ended with yarn buying binge

I want to stop adding yarn to my stash and I really am going to try hard this year to knit from my stash.  But, before I do that, I had to buy some yarn before the year 2010 ended.

I couldn’t resist the new colors of Sanguine Gryphon’s skinny bugga.  From top to bottom: I got Two butterflies went out at noon,The very quiet cricket, Sandworm, and Shelob.

Skinny Bugga - late 2010

Then, I was lucky….very, very lucky to catch Loopy Ewe putting up Wollmeise Twin sock yarn.  I got two skeins.  The colors are Granatapfel and Gazpacho.

Loopy Ewe - Wollmeise - Dec 2010

I was checking out the Yarn Harlot’s blog and saw socks made out of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the pullman colorway.  I just had to have it. I have cast on for a sock already.

Lornas Laces Sheperd Sock - Pullman

I couldn’t resist Dream in Color’s Smooshy December Dream club yarn in the color candy floss.  Actually, I loved the pattern and that hooked me to get the yarn.

Dream in Color - Smooshy - Candy Floss

Last, but not least, one of my knitting friends was knitting a cowl using Plymouth Yarns Mushishi yarn in the color 9 (red).  It looks so pretty and it’s so soft, I couldn’t resist it either.

Mushishi - Color 9

So, that was my last buying binge for awhile.  It’s knit from stash time and I certainly have a lot of it.  I could open my own yarn store.  I won’t say that I won’t buy any yarn because if I can be lucky enough to get more Wollmeise, I wouldn’t turn that down and Numma Numma should be back to dying yarns again soon and I certainly can’t resist that.  I didn’t sign up for any sock clubs.  I will sign up for the Loopy Ewe club, but if I don’t get in, I won’t be real disappointed.  2011 seems to be about moderation in many ways.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

I need to revisit the resolutions that I made for 2010 and see how well I did.

GOALS for 2010

1. Organize closets and cabinets – Definitely start to purge items by having a yard sale. I definitely did a lot of organizing. I went through the whole house and finished the basement and garage, the first floor is finished except for the kitchen, the second floor is complete, but I still need to do the attic. I did not have a yard sale, but have things ready for one.

2. Update my blog once a week.I did not necessarily post once a week, but I did make up for it in other weeks. I had 56 blog posts for the year.

3. I will not buy any new yarn from January through April and buy sparingly the rest of the year. – Well, that didn’t happen.

4. Knit 12 pairs of socks – I only did 8 pairs of socks. I got slowed down because of work.

5. Finish some UFO’s – At least 9 items – That didn’t happen either.

6. Knit a clapotis – Didn’t happen

7. Lose weight and exercise – I did join a fitness center, but gained any weight back I lost this past year.

8. Read 65 books – I read 76 books

9. Clean off old computers and recycle them as well as some old printers. – I did do that, but need to do some more.

GOALS for 2011

1. Finish organizing closets and cabinets and purge items

2. Update blog at least once a week

3. Knit 12 pairs of socks

4. Finish some UFO’s

5. Join Weight Watchers

6. Read 65 books

7. Stash bust

8. Recycle old electronics

Maybe I can meet these goals. It should help that I’m not working.

What I knit in 2010

26 Dishcloths

2 Cowls

8 pairs of socks

1 Chemo hat

2 Hotpads

4 scarves

1 baby afghan

2 baby hats

1 prayer shawl


Multnomah Shawl


Leaf Lace Scarf

Central Park Hoodie

Silky Tie Wrap

Candle Flame Shawl

Habu Scarf

Ripple Afghan

Black Fetching Gloves

Knit One Below Scarf

Thrumbed Mitten

Mystery Stole 3

Square a long afghan

Snowflake Cloth

Orange Sweater


Socks that Rock Scarf

Baby Sweater

Prayer Shawl

Ripple Baby Afghan

Mobieus Scarf

Caera Cowl

Great American Afghan Squares

Christmas Sock

My goodness, 24 unfinished projects and I have 3 more projects that I plan on casting on within the next few days. I have to get knitting!