Saturday, August 23, 2008

100th Post!

It's hard to believe that this is my 100th post. I have been trying to post at least one time per week this year. I have been doing pretty well. The weeks I can't get a post up, I have posted more than one time per week to make up for it.

I thought I would show you my back porch since I really love to spend time out there during the summer. Here is a picture:

Back Porch
It is screened in and shaded so I don't have to deal with bugs and the sun. I have several fans going too so that helps when the temperature gets up there.
Here are some pictures of my view:
Porch View 1
Porch View 2
I live at the base of the Poconos and while I am not really in the mountains, the Blue Mountain is the mountain that you see in the picture. It is amazing how that mountain protects us. The weather can be so different on one side of the mountain versus the other side. I also live in a community that loves trees.
Here is also a picture of my Black Eyed Susans. I had these planted for the first time this year and they came in really well. If you look close, you will see an insect on one of the plants.
Black Eyed Susans
I just had to share this picture of Maggie May. This came out well from my cell phone and she just had a visit to the groomer.
Maggie 2
And, just so this post has some knitting in it. Here is a picture of the socks I am currently working on using Trekking Zitron yarn in color 167 with size 2 needles.
Trekking Zitron - First Sock - 167

Monday, August 11, 2008

I have been Loopified!

I love the Loopy Ewe, so much so that I have ordered quite a bit of yarn from them lately.

From left to right: Pagewood Farm in Turquoise, Sanguine Gryphon in Oznopa Ponton, Enchanted Knoll Farm in Juniper, Trekking Zitron in color 315, and finally Noro Silk Garden in color 5252

Loopy Ewe - end of July 08
From left to right: Scarlet Fleece in poodle skirt, Creatively Dyed Yarn in Watermelon Juice and Winds of Change.
Loopy Ewe - August 1
From left to right: Pagewood Farm in Forest Camo, Perchance to Knit in Peony (note the charm or stitch marker attached to the yarn), and Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in denim blues
Loopy Ewe - August 2
Of course I had to buy their second Anniversary kit that consists of Handmaiden Casbah yarn, a sock pattern, two tatoos, a pin, and a Loopy Ewe mug.
Loopy Ewe Anniversary Kit
I am in heaven with all of this sock yarn and I really love the Loopy Ewe (can't you tell?)!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August.... Summer is almost over

It's August. It seems that once August gets here the summer is just about over. The way the weather has been the last couple of days, it almost feels like fall. Today it was cool and we had some severe thunderstorms with hail. The temperature is currently 64 degrees. This is the first time in awhile that I haven't had an airconditioner on and felt as if I needed to lay under the covers to get warm! I like the cooler weather, but I'm not looking forward to winter.

I have started teaching taxes again. I'm enjoying it but will be glad when the classes are over. It's taking time away from knitting.

I did finish the socks I was making with Vesper sock yarn. I really liked the yarn and how it striped. I also enjoyed using the Knitpicks double points. I used these because I decided to use size 1 - 1/2 needles.

Vesper Sock Completed - Crew
I have some more skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn, but just had to order more. I got Neopolitan:
Vesper Sock Yarn - Neopolitan
And, Hot Metal:
Vesper Sock Yarn - Hot Metal
I started another sock using Trekking Zitron in color 167. I'm also using the knitpicks metal double points with these.
Trekking XXL - Zitron - Col 167
I think I am going to be brave and try two socks on two circular needles. I first need to order some needles from Knitpicks. One of my knitting friends used one of the knitpicks metal and one of the harmony needles when she knitted her first pair of two socks on circular needles. She found it easier to keep track of the needles.
I finished the August KAL in my dishcloth group. The pattern is Redbud Leaf by Sue Mrenna. I used size 6 needles and Peaches and Creme yarn in Burnt orange. I enjoyed this pattern.
August KAL - Redbud Leaf - S Mrenna
I am also trying to finish up a beach tote that I started last year using Fantasy Natural yarn. I just need to sew it together and will post pictures when it's complete.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Do You Only Knit Socks?

Jeez am I on a roll knitting socks. I completed the Jitterbug sock using a basic sock pattern with size 2 needles in the Raphael colorway. I love working with Jitterbug yarn.

Jitterbug - Raphael
I started a sock using the Spring Forward pattern from This is a great pattern and I am enjoying it. I'm using JKnits yarn in the Boston colorway with size 1 needles.
Spring Forward - JKnits
I couldn't resist the Vesper Sock yarn in the Crew colorway. It makes me feel cool (rather than warm) knitting with this yarn. I am partial to green. I love the striping. I am using a size 1-1/2 needle. This is the first time I am knitting with my Knitpicks doublepointed needles and let me tell you, they are really nice. I am a bamboo fan (preferably Plymouth bamboo), but I may just switch to these needles all of the time.
Vesper Sock - Crew
I really need to knit something other than socks, don't you think?