Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking forward to Fall

Well, I'm taking a break from the Girasole and have been knitting the Tidal Wave sock. The pattern is only in the leg, so it isn't too bad to knit up. I am using Prism Saki yarn in the Aruba colorway. I really love this yarn. It is soft. I am using size one circular needles. I am enjoying knitting these on two circular needles. I have one sock finished and started the second sock today.

Tidal Wave Sock

I have also been working on some dishcloths. One is from the Monthly dishcloth KAL. The pattern is by Debbie Tilly. I used Peaches and Creme yarn in tea rose with size 6 needles.

August 09 Mid-Month KAL

I also finished another dishcloth from Rachael's Yahoo Group. I used Sugar and Cream yarn in the rose pink colorway with size 6 needles. The pattern is called Grandpa by Danielle Cote. This was a fun knit.

Rachael's KAL - August

I was lucky to get a pattern pocket from Green Mountain Bags. I really like the fabric.

Pattern Pocket

I can't believe that August is almost finished. Our schools started up with classes on Wednesday and the weather has gotten a little cooler. I am really looking forward to fall.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am Losing Control

I am losing control. I just can't stop buying sock yarn. There are just too many nice skeins of yarn to buy. Thank God I didn't go to Sock Summit or they probably would have had to admit me to the psych ward.

I purchased quite a bit from my local yarn shop (The Knitter's Edge). I got Prism Merino Mia in the tumbleweed colorway. This is 100% merino yarn. It is so soft. Then I purchased Araucania Itata Multi. This is 70% superwash, 15% silk, and 15% bamboo. Then I found Online supersocke 100 sportive in two colorways. I love OnLine yarn.

Knitter's Edge Purchase

Of course, before I bought the OnLine yarn at the Knitter's Edge, I found some to buy on the Internet. It is Online Supersocke 100 Circle. The colorways are so nice I couldn't resist.

Online Supersoke - Circle - 1058

Online Supersocke - Circle - 1059

Ravelry had a contest to vote for sock yarn for Sock Summit. Artisan Acre Fiber Arts Lambskins was one of the winners and I fell in love with these colors: Corn Maiden and Lightening Bug. I know that I will buy more of her yarn. The yarn is very nice. I can't wait to knit up a sock using this yarn.

Artisan Acre Fiber Arts - Lambkins

I have finished another sock. My Sweet Georgia socks in Saltwater are finally finished. I used size 2 needles with a basic sock pattern. This yarn was real nice to work with.

Sweet Georgia saltwater sock

I completed the body of the Girasole and started the edging. I took a break from it this week, but really need to get back to it. Can't wait until this is finished. I do want to do another one, but maybe a shawl using Wollmeise lace.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Reads

Time to update the books I have read. Even though I am knitting quite a bit, I am finding time to read.

I started to read the Sookie Stackhouse books. These are the books that the show True Blood came from. I read Dead Until Dark and really liked it. I am currently reading the second book in the series called Living Dead in Dallas.

I have also read:

Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding - I just love the Miss Julia books

The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani - This is set in Roseta, PA which is close to where I live and they still have the Big Time festival in that town.

Also, by Adriana Trigiani is Very Valentine about a family that makes shoes.

T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

Finger Lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovitch - I just love her books.

Queen of the Broken Hearts by Cassandra King

Father's Day by Debbie Macomber

The Courtship of Carol Somers by Debbie Macomber

The Matchmakers by Debbie Macomber

They were all good reads. I've read 48 books so far this year. I have 17 more to go to reach my goal of 65 by the end of the year. I think I will make it.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Getting closer to finishing the Girasole

I'm getting closer to finishing the Girasole. I have reached Chart G. It's an eight row chart, but you have to repeat it twice. I should have 1/4 of it completed tonight. I'm going to try real hard to finish this chart so when I go to knitting on Friday, I can start the edging. This has really been a great project. I will take a break from it once it's complete and then plan on starting another one.

I have been getting more yarn. I'm hopeless I guess. I couldn't resist ordering the Loopy Ewe Third Anniversary Kit. It included a nice mug, Lornas Laces Shepherd sock in the color loopy's knitting nook, a metal measuring tape and a sock pattern. I love her kits.

Loopy Ewe Third Annv Kit

I also got two other skeins of yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Earlthy Hues Seedling sock yarn - a 100% superwash yarn that is 420 yards. The colorway is O Holy Night and Spirit Trail Fiberworks Helen sock yarn - 100 % superwash yarn that is 437 yards in the colorway called summer breeze.

Loopy Ewe - July - 3

Last, but not least, I got my July Color Coop sock club yarn from the Unique Sheep. The yarn is Tactile Fiber Arts (a superwash merino sock yarn).

Unique sheep color coop - July

Well, back to the Girasole.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Growing as a Knitter

I have been dilegently working on my knitting projects. I had a slight problem getting back to crocheting my ripple afghan. I forgot how the pattern went. But, after ripping it out, I am now on track. I figure I need to do 7 or 8 repeats of the colors and I am finishing up the second repeat.

I completed one sock using Sweet Georgia yarn in the saltwater colorway. I am using size 2 double points. I really like the feel of this yarn and I love the color. I will be casting on for the second sock in the next day or two.

Sweet Georgia Sock half completed

I started a patterned sock in July, but stopped when I was having hand problems and now I am back to knitting it. The pattern is Croc socks by Monica Jines. It is a detailed pattern and I am afraid to make a mistake, so I blew up the instructions. That way my eyes won't wander to another row. I have finished 2 repeats in the leg. The pattern calls for 4 repeats before starting the heel. It looks really nice. It looks like it is cabled, but it is just knitting and purling. I am using Sundara's sock yarn in basil over buttercup with size 1 needles. I am glad I'm using the circular needles with this one. I almost had a major problem today when I pulled one of the needles part way out of a row, but I was able to recover. Thank goodness! I love the knitpicks needles. As you can see I am using one nickel plated needle and one harmony needle. It makes it easier to know what needle I am using. Now knitpicks has acrylic needles. I know I will probably at least try a set of tips.

Croc Sock

I have also been working on dishcloths for my KAL group. The July Mid Month cloth was called Fishy Tawashi. This is more like a scrubby. I really liked this knit and will definately do more. I used Peaches and Creme in white and sunshine with a size 9 needle. It was a quick knit. You can find the pattern for sale on the Knitting Knonsense web site. Isn't it cute?

Fishy Tawashi

I also completed the August KAL called Thank You Rose. I used apple green Peaches and Creme with a size 6 needle.

August 2009 KAL

I am still working on the Girasole. I am on the last repeat of chart E and then on to chart F. Maybe I can knit some tonight. I would like to get chart E finished this week. I am also close to finishing one sleeve of the CPH. I am getting closer to putting it together. That part will be really interesting since I have never done that before. I am certainly learning new stitches and knitting techniques this year. I guess I am growing as a knitter.