Saturday, November 09, 2013

Where did two weeks go?

It has been crazy here.  I am working part time now, preparing for tax season.  Then, I started to have knee problems that got worse.  The pain went down into my leg and was so bad that I went to emergency.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a blood clot and it’s just muscular.  I got a muscle relaxant from the doctor there and then went to see my doctor, who prescribed an anti inflammatory pill for me.  That was successful!  I’m just about back to normal.

Because of the knee problem, I really haven’t been knitting, but I did get some new yarn.

From Leading men Fiber arts, I got the color foliage in their Showcase base.

Leading Men Fiber Arts - Foliage

I also got a skein from Gales art in her sock base.  The color is Moldy pumpkin.  I loved the name and couldn’t resist the yarn.

Galesart - Mouldy Pumpkin

Last, but not least, I got another ball of yarn from Lollipop Yarn.  The color is Moonstruck and I love it.

Lollipop Yarn - Moondance

I did finally finish my sock in Kirby Wirby sock in the color Dangitt…where’s my broom…..  I used a size one needle with a basic  sock pattern. I love the striping on this sock.


Kirby Wirby yarn - Dangitt

Well, off to knit and to catch up on my podcast listening.  I have 26 to listen to.  I am so far behind.