Friday, August 03, 2012

Finishing a project is satisfying

Yes, it is!  Especially when a project has been on the needles for awhile. 

I finally completed the Sheldon Blanket.  I used a size 7 needle and Knitpicks shine yarn in french blue, pea pod and cream.  Now all I have to do is knit Sheldon the turtle.  This will be for my nephew Carter.

Sheldon Blanket complete

Also completed are the USA socks.  I used Lollipop yarns in the USA color with a size 1 needle.  The pattern is a basic sock pattern.  I love striped yarn (especially Lollipop yarns) and it knits up fast cause you can’t wait for the next stripe to show up.

USA Socks complete

I had to start another sock, so I am using the Cherry Lane pattern by Felicia Lo with her Sweet Georgia tough love sock yarn in the cherry color and a size 1 needle.  The cuff is complete on the first sock.  This will be my 72nd pair socks.  I got new bedroom furniture and moved things around in my drawers, so now I have two, yes 2, drawers of socks with room to grow.  Looking forward to colder weather so that I can wear them (well, not really looking for colder weather, but this next heat wave we are going to have could be shorter).

Cherry Lane Socks -Sock 1 beg

I worked on the Ruby monster and got the arms finished.  I am using Lorna’s Laces worsted yarn in Zombie BBQ with a size 5 needle.  Now I just have to do the legs and stuff it.

Ruby Monster -arms

I was working on a Copykat shawl by Rose Beck.  When I started this project, I decided to just knit a plain shawl.  Then it sat.  I started it up again and didn’t know where I was.  Since I didn’t have much completed on it, I ripped it out and am now using her Diagonal Rib Body.  I am enjoying how this is turning out.  I am using a size 5 needle with Swans Island merino wool fingering yarn in marine blue.  The pattern is easy, but now the stitches are growing, so it is taking longer to knit a row.  The ruffle that goes around the whole shawl will really take a lot of time.

Copykat shawl take 2 -2

Guess, it’s back to knitting!

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