Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Podcasts I love

Do you listen to podcasts?  I love them.  I love to listen or watch them (there are now video casts) while I’m knitting.  When I’m watching a video cast, I feel as if I am knitting along with them.

Here are some that I like:


Knitting Pipeline:  Paula has such a soothing voice, it relaxes me.  She talks about nature and of course knitting.  Occasionally,  she is joined by her friends (Bronwyn, Chaar, or Sarah) and that makes it fun too.

Betty in the Sky:  Betty is a flight attendant and talks about her experiences in flight and her travels.

Just One More Row:  Dana and Brittany, who live in Tennessee talk about knitting and spinning.

Knit Knit Café:  A Mother and Son (Abby and Ben).  Abby lives in New York and Ben is out west in Oregon (I think).  They talk about knitting and spinning.

Knitmore Girls:  A Mother (Gigi) and Daughter (Jasmin) who live in California.  They talk about knitting and spinning and sometimes sewing.  Jasmin is pregnant with her first child and is due in January.  They have gone on hiatus until the baby is born.

She Knits:  A wonderful podcast from Sharon who is the mother to 7 children and lives in Illinois.  Sharon designs felted bags and shawls.

Stash & Burn:  Two friends, Nicole and Jenny, who live in California and talk about knitting and some spinning.

2 Knit Lit Chicks:  Another Mother (Barb) and Daughter (Tracie) podcast.  They talk about knitting and what books they read.

Never Not Knitting: A podcast by Alana Dakos, one of the authors of Coastal Knits.  Alana has a wonderful podcast, but she is on hiatus since she just had a baby.


Knit 1 Heart too:  Two friends from the Boston area (Wendy and Sheila ) who talk about knitting and spinning.

Knitabulls:  Diane from Colorado who has a great video cast about knitting and some spinning.

Stockinette Zombies:  Two friends, Megan and Amy, who live in Minnesota.  A fun video cast about knitting.

Round the Twist:  One of the first video casts.  Carin did help out on the Lime and Violet podcast, when Lime was busy.  Carin talks about knitting and spinning.

The Knit Girllls:  Two southern girls (Laura and Leslie), who are great fun.  They talk about knitting and spinning and do quite a few reviews of books and magazines.

90% Knitting:  Lisa from the Pittsburgh, PA area who also is a dyer and owns Fibernymph Dyeworks.  She talks about knitting and spinning and what yarns she is putting up in her shop for the week.

All of these podcasters and videocasters have groups on Ravelry (except for Betty in the Sky), where you can learn more and participate in KALs.

Since the podcasts are audio, they are easier to take with you and listen in the car, while the video casts are nicer because you can see what yarns and projects they are talking about.  I listen to these through itunes, but I have linked to their websites, so you can listen to them online too.  I do listen to other podcasts, but the above are my favorites.  Enjoy!

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