Thursday, June 28, 2007

Influence of a Knitter's Blog

Gee, it's almost the 4th of July and we are having some strange weather here. Many hazy, humid days with severe thunderstorms and now the next several days will not be real hot. The highs are predicted to be in the 70's.

I have been taping Army Wives on TIVO to watch when I had time. Well, yesterday was the Army Wives marathon. I am really enjoying this series and it sure has a lot of nail biting in it. I am all caught up now. Tonight is the last night for Starter Wives. I am looking forward to seeing this tonight as well. I wonder if they will make this a regular series?

I got my DIY Exchange 2 from the Love2Knit dishcloth group. My partner was Wendy from Shanksville, PA. She lives 2 miles from where Flight 93 crashed. She sent me a really nice dishcloth, a postcard from the Flight 93 crash site and a stitch marker. She was a great partner.

DIY Exchange 2
I also wanted to post the Socks that Rock Sock Club yarn that I received this week. What a great color.
STR Sock Club
Here is the squirrel cage yarn swift that I ordered. I really like this one since I can put my skein winder on the top of it. It is a great space saver and I don't have to worry about clamping both a skein winder and swift somewhere. I also got an additional crank cage to allow me to rewind balls into skeins. I have yarn to wind and unwind, so I am looking forward to testing it out.
I really want to try making Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby surprise jacket, but I have been struggling with what kind of colors to use. I recently visited Brooklyn Tweed's blog and saw this. I am in love. The homespun yarn is perfect for this sweater. Now I just have to save up to buy some. I also love her Noro scarf shown here. My husband wants me to knit him a scarf for Christmas. This is the perfect scarf for him! I don't know how anyone can keep knitting from their stash and not buy any new yarn. Thank God I didn't commit to that idea! Other knitter's blogs are sure dangerous to stash busters!

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