Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dishcloths and Yarn

So much to tell about today and I have pictures. Let's start with Dishcloths:

Here is the Diagonal Dishcloth I was knitting and finally finished:

Diagonal Cloth

I enjoyed knitting this cloth, but it really gets a little crooked. I had to stretch it around to get it to look right. I love the beach ball blue color from Sugar and Cream.

This is a ripple dishcloth that I made from a pattern from my DishclothsRUs yahoo knitting group.

Ripple Dishcloth

This one was very enjoyable to knit and I loved the pattern.

Here is a dishcloth from my Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo group. It was the June KAL for the beginning of the month.

Unicorn Dishcloth

It's a Unicorn and I really like it. The sizing is different on this one.

My favorite dishcloth in this bunch is the from my DIY exchange in Love2Knit Dishcloths Yahoo Group. This was a different exchange. You sent a ball of yarn and needles to your partner. When you got your needles and yarn, you picked a pattern to knit from the yarn. My partner Judy, sent me a skein of Honeysuckle Yarns in the color shrimp. Apparently, Peaches and Cream makes this yarn. After using 3 skeins of Sugar and Cream yarn and then switching to the Honeysuckle yarn made by Peaches and Cream, I now know why everyone loves Peaches and Cream. It is much softer and does not split. I chose the pattern Turq by Harvest Moon Designs. I adjusted it a bit. According to the directions there would have been too much space between the crossover pattern. So I eliminated some rows and I love how it turned out.

DIY Exchange Cloth

My partner also sent me Size 7 needles from Boye and a squiggly needle wrap. I really like both the yarn and squiggly.

Since, I'm talking about dishcloths, I may as well tell you that I was arm twisted into ordering the Sugar and Cream Twists yarn and the Robin Egg Blue yarn. No one had to twist my arm too hard. ;-) I wasn't sure about the Twist yarn, but I finally saw a dishcloth made out of one of the colors and that did it for me. I got just about one in each color:

Sugar and Creme Tweeds

I also purchased Lornas Laces Lion and Lamb yarn to make a clapotis scarf. I have been dying to make one of these but just couldn't find a color that caught my eye. I finally saw the Dessert Flower color, but it was discontinued. I did find it on ebay from Yarn Bazaar. It was a great place to order from. I have to finish off some current projects before starting on this one.

Lornas Laces - Clapoti

Much to my surprise, I finally was able to purchase the watermelon color yarn from Freshisle Fibers. I have probably been on a waiting list for this yarn for about a year. I got six skeins and I'm in heaven! This picture of socks got me hooked on this yarn.

Watermelon Yarn

I have been crocheting away on my soft wave ripple afghan. I really like how it's coming out and definately love the colors!

Soft Waves Afghan

I was determined to keep on with this after being told that it's hard to crochet a ripple afghan.

I have been researching swifts and will probably be buying one from Kirtland's Yarn Barn. The problem I am having is deciding on which one to get. Anyone have any suggestions? I think I am leaning toward the alternate one. Hopefully, I will do a post with some of the swifts I have found. There are more out there than you would ever think about.

And, what would my blog be if I didn't post a new picture of Maggie May. She is getting bigger. All of her adult teeth are in except her fangs. I think she may have to have some of those pulled since the new ones are coming in, but the baby teeth aren't getting loose. She gets spayed at the end of June, so I imagine that the vet will do it then if they haven't come out by then.

Maggie June 07

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