Monday, July 09, 2007

07-07-07 what a great day it was!

I can't believe what a great day I had on Saturday! I have been working on the beach tote from Knitter's and finished up the front side on Friday. I was going to start on the back and decided to start it with a new skein of yarn. I go get the yarn and it's the wrong dye lot! I could not believe that I didn't check it before buying it. Kraemer's has the yarn on sale for $3.00 a skein and everyone has been buying it up to work on this tote bag. So, I figured I would try my luck and see if they had any red left. If not, I figured it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world since it was the other side and this would be my scrap beach bag if it looked too bad. So, Saturday I go to my knitting class and first thing I check is the Fantasy Naturalle yarn. One red skein is left and it's the right dye lot! Now what are the chances of that?

Then I get home and have an invite to Ravelry! I have been waiting for quite awhile to have access to the site. My online ID is KarinK. I have a lot of work to do to get organized on it, but it is a great site to keep track of your needles, books and projects (past, current, and future). The beauty of it is that my blog posts will link there too as well as my flickr account. Now I have to get to work. It's nice that everything can be in one place.

The last great thing that happened was that I joined the Mystery Stole 3 KAL about a half an hour before it was closed for sign ups. I thought that I had missed the date until I saw the Yarn Harlot's post and realized that I still had time to join. I have struggled with what yarn to use and finally decided on Zephyr in black. I have a cone of this and since the KAL has posted 2 weeks of knitting instructions or clues and I didn't want to have to wait any longer to start, I did the cast on today and will not be using beads. I'm a little nervous working with beads for now, but figure if all turns out well with this stole, I may do a second one with beads. I hope to get close to catching up by Friday when the next set of clues get posted.

I am doing the happy dance!

I also christened my new squirrel cage yarn swift and I love it! It is so easy to use and I love that my yarn winder sits on top of the swift. Everything is in one place and I don't have to drag the swift and yarn winder out to set it up to use it. I do want to get a cover to avoid getting it dusty. I see that Bed, Bath and Beyond sells body pillowcases and I think that this will do the trick!

I got my order from Lettuce Knit last week. Here are the Dream in Color baby sweater kits:

Dream in Color Kits
One is called Rocketry and the other is called Tulips.
And, here is the Handmaiden Sea Silk I got with the One Skein Shawl (Lacy Wings) pattern:
From Barnes and Noble, I got my order for the two new lace books: Lacy Little Knits and Wrapped in Comfort. Both are wonderful books with really nice patterns.
Knitted Lace Books
On the reading front, I have finished the following books: Manner of Death and Cold Case by Stephen White, Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins (I love her books) and Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovitch. I really like this series of books by Janet. I am currently reading Second Chance by Jane Green. I have read all of her books and really enjoyed them as well.

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