Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Easy Knitting

I finally finished the Mid-month KAL for my monthly dishcloth group. I really enjoyed this pattern. It came out really nice using the Sugar and Cream twist yarn in lavender.

Dishcloth with Twist Yarn

The KAL's are fun and it's really interesting to see the pattern develop as you go along.

I mentioned before that I was knitting a beach tote from the current issue of Knitters magazine. Here is the picture from the magazine and here is a picture of my knitting:

Beach Tote

Beach Tote Knitting

I love the colors and am looking forward to finishing this project. I will be making more if it turns out well.

Since I started crocheting, I found the lighted crochet hooks at my local yarn shop. I don't like the lighted knitting needles. They are too long and the size I would buy to try isn't available. I would buy size 7's since I use that size the most for dishcloths. I did buy three lighted crochet hooks. I got G, H, and I.

Lighted Crochet Hooks

I will be curious to try them out.

I was able to pick Maggie up from the vet today. It was kind of nice not having her around yesterday, but I did miss her terribly. She is fine, but I have to keep her from jumping around and pulling her stitches out. I can't wait until she goes back to the vet to get them out because this sure is a treat trying to keep her calm. She already jumped up on a chair with no problem, but when she jumped down, she yelped. I'm sure that her stitches pulled. So now I have to keep her off of chairs. That is hard to do since she is so fast. She is also licking her stitches. I'm sure they itch. She is not happy with me when I tell her NO. I can just see how she would adapt to wearing a collar if she starts to try and pull them out.

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