Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cooler Weather is Back

Boy was it ever cooler today.  I was freezing!  I was back dressing for winter.  It wasn’t that cold out, but the wind was wicked!  It is suppose to warm up again, so we should have a half decent holiday weekend.

I finished three things this week.  The Yarn Harlot socks are finished.  I used Online Supersocke 100 in color 1485 with a size 1 needle.

Yarn Harlot Socks - Complete

I also finished the Anne Elliot socks by Canon Hand Dyes.  The color is Anne Elliot and I used a size 1 needle.  I enjoyed knitting with this yarn.

Anne Elliot Socks Complete

Also completed this week (in fact today) is the Mimi cowl made with Lotus mini (mink) yarn with a size 7 needle.  The pattern called for me to knit until the stockinette stitches totaled 21 inches.  That would have been way too long, so I stopped at around 15 inches.  The color is 04 (grey).

Mimi Cowl - Complete

I did get to work a little on the Sunshine Sock by CookieA.  I am using Sanguine Gryhon Bugga yarn in the color Dragon Millepede with a size 1.5 needle.  I am enjoying this pattern as well as the yarn.

Sunshine Sock 1 - Foot

I swear I get socks finished quicker when I am working on more than one pattern at a time.

While I was at my local yarn shop this week, they put out some new colors in Dream in Color Everlasting yarn.  I had to buy the Morning Glory color.  I’m not sure what I will knit with it, but probably will do a shawl.  The colors are just too pretty.

Dream in Color - Everlasting - Morning Glory

Now I just have to finish the Garter Ridge Shawlette and get working on the Advent Calendar Scarf and also figure out what sock to knit next.

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