Sunday, October 07, 2012

I hate pooling

I really do hate yarns that pool.  I will try everything I can to avoid it.  It’s probably been awhile since I bought any variegated yarn.  I mostly am buying solids, tonal, or striped sock yarn.  I have learned through my knitting years that if you buy variegated yarn to my hand painted yarn instead of hand dyed yarn. However, I am participating in Sock the Vote in the Single Handed Knits Ravelry Group and was able to get a “kit” for the undecided party.  The yarn is really nice.  It’s by Yarn vs. Zombies and the color is Spiffy Iffy.  It’s a variegated yarn.  I started by casting on with a size 1 needle.  You guessed it, I got pooling.  So, I then went up to a size 1.5 needle.  Yes, pooling again.  Finally, I went down to a size 0.  No pooling!  Yippee!  I am happy now.  This is the second time that going to a size 0 needle did the trick.  So, maybe I found the secret.  I still cast on 64 stitches because that is what the pattern called for.  I am using the Dancing Bamboo Sock pattern.  It’s a very easy pattern and looks great with the striping.

STV - Sock 1 - First half of leg

My only regret was that I  should have taken pictures of the other socks that pooled.  I didn’t knit too far on those.  I went just past the ribbing.

I did finish another pair of socks.  This is my 75th pair of socks!  No wonder that I need two drawers to store my socks.  And, yes I do wear them.  I started this week since the weather has gotten cooler.  These are a basic sock pattern using Rainy Day and Wooly Dogs Strychnine sock yarn in the Fire Bad, Tree Pretty color with a size 2 needle.

Goth Socks - Fire Bad Tree Pretty

I also completed the October 2012 Dishcloth KAL.  The yarn is Peaches and Crème cotton in the olive color way with a size 6 needle.  The pattern is Autumn’s Country Quilt by Sue Schaefer.  I enjoyed knitting this pattern.

October 2012 KAL

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