Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having a hard time getting in the Xmas mode

I think it’s because the weather is warmer than normal.  The high today was 62.  It’s November 29th!  It’s not suppose to be that warm!  At least I started Christmas shopping.  I bought one present and finished a knitted gift (see below).

I only bought two skeins of yarn since last time.  I got Crofter’s DK by Sirdar (a Fair Isle effect yarn) to make a cool pattern that could either be a cowl or a hat.  Now to just find the time to make it.

Crofter DK -  Fair Isle effect - 0038

I did finish the Basic Sock using Gales Art yarn in Crayon box with a size 1 needle.  I really loved this yarn.  No pooling and I didn’t have to worry about trying to match both socks.

Gales Art Sock Complete

I also completed the November 2011 Mid Month KAL.  The pattern was the Starburst cloth by Dione Reed.  I used Peaches and Crème in Sunrise with a size 7 needle.  This cloth got quite big.  If I knit it again, I would knit it on a smaller needle, but the pattern was easy.

November 2011 Mid Month KAL

I completed a Christmas gift for my great nephew, Carter.  It is a Wooly Wormhead hat called Doodie.  I used Plymouth Dreambaby in a green color (0125) with a size 4 needle.  This was an easy knit.

Doodie Hat for Carter

Now, I need to get knitting on a sweater for Carter.  It’s started and I have about 1/3 rd of it completed.  I also have to knit him a dog puppet, but that shouldn’t take long to do.

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