Saturday, August 21, 2010

48th Pair of Socks

Can you believe that I have knit 48 pairs of socks? When I started this journey of knitting socks, I was determined to master it. I struggled for awhile. I had a hard time picking up stitches and getting holes in the corner. After much persistence, I found the solution to fix that problem. Then I had some trouble with socks being a little snug. I figured out how to resolve that by the number of cast on stitches to use with the size needle I chose. I even knit socks on size one needles, which I never thought I would do and tried two socks on two needles and found that I love one sock on two needles even better than double points. Who would have thought that? I tried a toe up sock and found out that I really liked it and while I haven’t memorized the Kitchener stitch, I do use a cheat sheet and it’s not hard to do. I stuck to a basic sock pattern for a long time, but finally tried knitting a patterned sock. Now, I love knitting patterned socks. I also have knit socks using a chart, which I also didn’t think I would ever do. I still struggle with pooling, so I guess that is the next thing I have to conquer, but I have come a long way baby with knitting socks!

I finished the Maelstrom socks by Cookie A. I used Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga in Blue Lobster with size 1-1/2 needles. I really love this yarn and the pattern was really nice to knit. Now I have to look through my stash for another color to use for my next pair of socks or maybe I will knit a shawlette?

Maelstrom Sock - finished

I had to order more yarn from the Sanguine Gryphon since I loved using it for the Maelstrom sock. I got Praying Mantis and Dawn Dropwing in Skinny Bugga and Blue Copper Butterfly in Bugga. Aren’t the colors wonderful?

Sanguine Gryphon - August 2010

I also finished day 19 of the calendar scarf. Five more pattern days to go. This is so fun. I really need to order more yarn for another year’s pattern. Maybe a green this time.

Calendar Scarf - Day 19

I got my next shipment from the Rubber Ducky club. The yarn is pima petite in the color way Cool water. I just love this color. I also got a bar of soap from Mimi’s called Sunny day and a small bottle of Bath Bubbles.

Rubber Ducky Club - August

Well, I will be working on my calendar scarf this coming week and I have an itch to start a new pattern, but should really go back through my unfinished projects and work on completing something. Let’s see what happens.

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