Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Growing as a Knitter

I have been dilegently working on my knitting projects. I had a slight problem getting back to crocheting my ripple afghan. I forgot how the pattern went. But, after ripping it out, I am now on track. I figure I need to do 7 or 8 repeats of the colors and I am finishing up the second repeat.

I completed one sock using Sweet Georgia yarn in the saltwater colorway. I am using size 2 double points. I really like the feel of this yarn and I love the color. I will be casting on for the second sock in the next day or two.

Sweet Georgia Sock half completed

I started a patterned sock in July, but stopped when I was having hand problems and now I am back to knitting it. The pattern is Croc socks by Monica Jines. It is a detailed pattern and I am afraid to make a mistake, so I blew up the instructions. That way my eyes won't wander to another row. I have finished 2 repeats in the leg. The pattern calls for 4 repeats before starting the heel. It looks really nice. It looks like it is cabled, but it is just knitting and purling. I am using Sundara's sock yarn in basil over buttercup with size 1 needles. I am glad I'm using the circular needles with this one. I almost had a major problem today when I pulled one of the needles part way out of a row, but I was able to recover. Thank goodness! I love the knitpicks needles. As you can see I am using one nickel plated needle and one harmony needle. It makes it easier to know what needle I am using. Now knitpicks has acrylic needles. I know I will probably at least try a set of tips.

Croc Sock

I have also been working on dishcloths for my KAL group. The July Mid Month cloth was called Fishy Tawashi. This is more like a scrubby. I really liked this knit and will definately do more. I used Peaches and Creme in white and sunshine with a size 9 needle. It was a quick knit. You can find the pattern for sale on the Knitting Knonsense web site. Isn't it cute?

Fishy Tawashi

I also completed the August KAL called Thank You Rose. I used apple green Peaches and Creme with a size 6 needle.

August 2009 KAL

I am still working on the Girasole. I am on the last repeat of chart E and then on to chart F. Maybe I can knit some tonight. I would like to get chart E finished this week. I am also close to finishing one sleeve of the CPH. I am getting closer to putting it together. That part will be really interesting since I have never done that before. I am certainly learning new stitches and knitting techniques this year. I guess I am growing as a knitter.


Knitcrazy said...

You socks are great colors :)

I too am about to start one of those Fishie Cloths :) Its sooo cute..

Linda said...

Love reading your escapes. Not that I don't get the info first hand, I am just trying to master all the computer techniques.

Linda said...

Escapes should be escapades. See still learning.