Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time Flies when you are

I can't believe that it' over a week since I posted. The holidays are just sneaking up so fast. I got some decorating done for Christmas and I am ready for Thanksgiving. But, I have been knitting.

I started another sock using Yarn Chef's Bouillabaisse yarn in the Moldy Jack-O-Lanterns colorway. I really love the yarn. It is very soft and I like how it's striping. I am back to using double points for this sock with a basic sock pattern and size 1-1/2 needles. I was lazy and wanted something easy.

Yarn Chef - Moldy Jack O'Lantern
I also knit up two 10 by 10 squares for a surprise afghan for a member in one of my Yahoo groups. I used the Belt Welt Square pattern by Mary Dixon and adjusted it for a larger size. I used size 8 needles in Red Heart Supersaver yarn with the Cornmeal colorway and knit another in the Woodsy colorway.
10 by 10 Belt Welt Square - Cornmeal
10 by 10 Belt Welt Square - Woodsy
I liked this pattern so much that I did two 7 by 7 inch comfortghan squares for another Yahoo group. I am committed to 24 squares by the end of the year and I have not knit 16. Eight more to go. Will I make it? I knit two in the Cornmeal colorway and will do two in Woodsy.
7 by 7 Basket Welt Square - Cornmeal
I finished the November Mid Month KAL in my Dishcloth group. The pattern is the Candy Cane Illusion Cloth. I used size 6 needles with Peaches and Creme in Red and White. This was a fun knit.
Candy Cane Illusion Cloth
I was listening to the Webs podcast and they are starting a KAL for a scarf. I checked out the pattern and liked it so I checked my stash and found Noro Silk Garden in the colorways 201 and 205. With a size 10 needle I cast on for the Inside Outside Scarf. The pattern is from the book Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot. The scarf stripes vertically instead of horizontally because you knit in the stitch below. The pattern is free at this site. I am enjoying knitting this scarf.
Inside Outside Scarf
Time is flying by too quickly. Soon it will be Christmas. Yikes, I better get moving!


Alrischa said...

I'm intrigued by the illusion patterns, and I really like the idea of the vertical stripes by knitting into the stitch below. Knitters are so clever!

But I love the name of your sock yarn... it's got little spots of green in it and everything. lol!

freshisle said...

What a great idea to use the Noro for that scarf! A super variation. I love it!