Sunday, November 30, 2008

Squares, Squares and more Squares - Two more to Go

I have been busy knitting comfortghan squares for my dishcloth group. I need to get 12 done before the end of the year. I feel better because I only have two more to go.

I finished 2 in the Seven Inch Square using Red Heart Supersaver in Cornmeal with 7 inch needles.

Seven Inch Square - Cornmeal 2
I did 2 in the Seven Inch Square using Red Heart Supersaver in Woodsy with 7 inch needles.
Seven Inch Square - Woodsy 1
I also completed 2 in the Basket Welt Square using Red Heart Supersaver in Woodsy with 8 inch needles.
Basket Welt Square - Woodsy 2
So now I have to pick out another color yarn and a pattern (or maybe I will just use one of the two patterns above) and get them completed by the end of this week. I shouldn't have any problem doing that. At least I hope not. I still have to block the squares I have completed and will also work on that this week. Maybe early next week, I can mail them off. Keep your fingers crossed.
My Thanksgiving Day was very nice. We went to my brother's for dinner. My niece and her new fiance were there. Yes, she is planning a wedding for sometime next October or November. How exciting.
I picked up more yarn recently. I had to get Vesper Sock yarn in Christmas colors. So I got Candy Swirl and Merry Christmas. I may have to wait until after Christmas to knit these up.
Vesper Sock Yarn - Christmas
I also got some Malbrigo worsted yarn in Stonechat to make a sweater. I love the new Malabrigo knitting book and saw the sweater there. I just had to make it.
Malabrigo Merino - Stonechat
I was also intrigued by Polar Knit yarn. Loopy Ewe is carrying it, so I got 2 skeins in Deep Red to make mittens.
Polar Knit - Red
Off to plan on the last two comfortghan squares so I can be finished with this project and goal.

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Wendy said...

I found it in a book that I have called Knit Handmade Style. Here's a link to it on Amazon
They are a really fast knit and look fabulous on.