Saturday, April 05, 2014

Finally, it’s April

I am so glad that April has finally arrived.  Some days it has been so beautiful.  Today, the sun finally came out, but it is windy making it a little cooler.  At least we aren’t having snow.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a wonderful day.

April also means that tax season is ending soon.  I am counting the days.  It’s so funny that I can’t wait for it to end, but after a few months off, I will be ready to start again.  Tax season has been keeping me busy and it’s taking my mind off of things.  But, now I am looking forward to spring and sitting outside on my back porch.

Knitting is going slow, but I have been knitting.  I finished my Zombody Go Bragh socks.  The yarn is from Desert Vista Dyeworks and is her Visio sock yarn.  I used a size 1 needle with a basic sock pattern.

Zombody Go Bragh Socks complete

I also finished the leg on the first Monkey Sock using Gale’s Art in the Hydrangea color with a size 1.5 needle.  I love the color of these socks and I’m calling them my Easter socks.  I probably won’t get them finished by Easter, but that’s okay.

Easter 2014 Sock 1 - Leg

I want to cast on for a cowl using sock yarn, so maybe I will do that tonight.

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