Saturday, January 11, 2014

We are having a heatwave

Not really, but when the temperatures go from a minus to 55, it does feel like a heatwave.  The snow is melting and we have had quite a bit of rain today, so that has helped getting rid of the snow.  I am really sick of this winter already.

Not much happening with my knitting.  I am still working on the hitchhiker and I started the second Christmas Carol sock made out of Lollipop Yarn.  I’m starting to think of other projects to cast on the needles.

Christmas Carol - Sock 2

I did buy some Flutterby Chunky yarn to make a baby blanket for my niece.  This yarn is so soft.  The color is a pink and purple confetti.

Flutterby - color B7

That is all I have for this week.  I have been working part-time.  Between that and doing errands it has been a busy but productive week.

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Mary Lynn said...

This heatwave is wonderful. Wish it would continue into Spring. I finished Hitchhiker last week and ended up with 38 points, using a size 8 needle and Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein yarn. I started weighing my yarn and at the end I had about two feet of yarn remaining. Too close. Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Take care.