Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beads in Knitting

I can’t believe it, but I love using beads in knitting.  But, I do have to say that it depends on where you get your beads.  I am using beads in my Advent Calendar Scarf.  They are okay, but the holes are not consistent and the beads look small.  I got those beads from Artbeads.

Then I got more beads to use for my Quaker Ridge Shawl.  The beads go across the bottom of the shawl and I am using a beaded bindoff.  I got these beads from Earthfaire.  Boy are they great!  The beads are larger, but the same size as the Artbeads, and the holes are consistently the same.  It’s taking me awhile to bind off.  I am about 60% finished, but it looks great!  The beads pop out on the yarn.  I am definitely buying more beads from Earthfaire!

Quaker Ridge Shawl - Beading Bindoff

Quaker Ridge Shawl - Beaded Bindoff 2

I started another sock using Lollipop yarn in the color It’s Five O’clock somewhere.  I am using a size 1 needle.  The pattern is called Socks on a Plane.  This is a toe up sock, but I am doing it top down.  I am using a size 1 needle with 64 stitches instead of the suggested needle and stitch number.  I am using the chart for the pattern as is for the toe up sock.  The pattern starts at the cuff and goes down to the toe.  I am loving how this is coming out.

Socks on a Plane - Sock 1 - leg

A long time ago, I bought a kit from Suss Designs to knit a fringed scarf.  I liked it, so I bought more yarn to make other colors.  Well, it landed out in my stash and sat there.  I thought about it the other day and decided to wind up a skein and kit the pattern.  It’s mindless knitting since it’s all garter stitch and the width of the scarf is narrow.  What makes me happy is that I am using my stash.  I am knitting this with a size 7 needle and using Suss Yarns Bomull cotton yarn.  The fringe is suppose to be leather and I know I bought some, but can’t find it.  I may have thrown it away, but will keep looking.

Scarf with Fringe - Suss

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