Thursday, September 20, 2012

I just love yarn

Got some more yarn to show.

I love striped socks, so I got some yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks.  In the Zien base, I got Trick or Treat (it’s sparkly) and in her Viso base, I got Happy Birthday Cupcake.

Desert Vista - Striped Yarns - Sept 2012

I’m addicted to Dancing Dog Dyeworks, so I got Frankenweenie in Waltz Worsted and in Chubby Puppy.  I also got chartreuse in Chuppy Puppy.

DDD - Franken Weenie

I also got Stockinette Zombie color in the Waltz Worsted weight in addition to a mini skein of orange.

DDD - Waltz Worsted - Stock Zomb combo

Looks like I will be knitting socks and monsters.

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