Friday, December 31, 2010

50 Pairs of Socks

I have finished my 50th pair of socks.  When I started on this journey of knitting socks, I was determined to master it.  It has been an ongoing process and I learn new things all the time.

Some things I have learned:

1.  I hate ribbing of K1, P1.  I still use it for socks but do prefer K2, P2 or K1 through the back loop and P1.

2.  I have learned that when picking up stitches for the foot of the sock that it is better to k1 through the back loop.

3.  I have learned how to avoid holes when picking up stitches for the foot.


4.  I also have found a toe decrease that I like better than others.  It is a personal preference. I found this recipe from a sock pattern I was knitting.  The pattern was Croc socks by Monica Jines.

5.  I learned how to feel comfortable doing the kitchener stitch.  (Using a cheat sheet really helps)

6.  I’ve learned how to do a toe up sock.

7.  I’ve learned how to do a patterned sock.

8.  I’ve learned how to follow a chart.

9.  I’ve learned how to use double pointed needles.

10.  I’ve learned how to knit two socks on two needles.

11.  I’ve learned that I prefer to knit one sock at a time on two needles.

12. I’ve learned that I love sock yarn and that you can use it for other projects other than socks.

13.  I’ve learned that handpainted sock yarn is nicer to stripe than hand dyed sock yarn.

14.  I’ve learned that I love Sanguine Gryphon’s bugga and skinny bugga sock yarn, Wollmeise sock yarn, Numma Numma sock yarn, Sundara sock yarn, Socks that Rock Sock yarn,  Trekking sock yarn and Online yarn sock, and all the other sock yarn out there as you can tell from my stash.  But, I especially love sock yarn with cashmere in it.

15. I’ve learned that using size 1 needles with 64 stitches really does make a nicer sock.  It fits nicer and makes for a denser fabric. When I first began knitting socks, I would have fought tooth and nail using such a small needle.  Size 2’s were my needle of choice.

16.  I’ve learned that even though you are using a pattern designed by someone else, you can change it to suit yourself.

17.  Last but not least, I’ve learned that I love knitting socks!

Looking back, I have learned quite a bit from knitting socks.

I have finished the Embossed Leaves socks (pair number 50) by Mona Schmidt.  I used size 1.5 needles with Sanguine Gryphon’s skinny bugga in leaf insect.

Embossed Leaves Sock

So, try knitting socks if you never have and if you have tried and feel frustrated, don’t give up.  Once you do feel comfortable knitting socks, you will feel a great sense of achievement!

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Jill L said...

Great reflection of you adventures with socks! 50 pairs -- Woo hoo!