Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm Knitting a Toe Up Sock!

Can you believe it. I said that I would never knit a toe up sock. I had no interest, yet here I am knitting a toe up sock and I am loving it. Go figure. A whole new world has opened up for me with socks. Wendy Johnson here I come!

Toe Up Sock - Online 1177

I am using a basic toe up sock pattern with size 2 needles and Online Supersocke 100 in the Candy color 1177. I really like how this sock is striping. My knitting instructor cast on the toe for me, but I really need to learn how to do that. I guess I will be watching You Tube videos for awhile until I get the hang of it. I am knitting the sock with a heel flap rather than a short row heel.

I also completed the April Mid-Month KAL. The pattern is Growing up cloth by Janet Nogle. I used size 7 needles with Peaches and Creme in the dalmation colorway. I wish it would have striped differently, but I did like the color. The striping makes the cloth look like it has an X doesn't it?

April 2010 MidMonth KAL - Growing Up

I am enjoying the Online sock yarn so much, I bought another skein in color 1180. Online is one of my favorite sock yarns.

Online - Supersocke 100 - Candy Color 1180

I'm also in love with Sundara Sock yarn and Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. I got more Sundara Sock yarn in the colors Step by Step, Ember over Flame and Sunburst Sojurn.

Sundara Sock - April 10

I got Bugga in the colors Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle and Cuban Cockroach.

Sanguine Gryphon - Bugga - Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle and Cuban Cockroach

I am in heaven!


Alrischa said...

I love toeups on two circs. I'm never going back!

"Judy's magic cast on" is pretty good, but this is my favorite toeup caston at the moment. It's very neat!

Lucy in The Sky said...

You are brave! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I took a class on the toe up, totally fell in love and will never return to any other kind. You will master it. I like the figure 8 method.

good luck