Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready for Christmas

I finished my Jingle Sock! One project down and 21 to go. I really liked this yarn and the colorway. Yarn is Zen String fingering weight and color is Jingle. I used size 1 needles. I am now ready for Christmas.

Zen String - Jingle Sock complete

I did start the November mid-month KAL for my dishcloth group. I believe it's going to be a dress. I am using Peaches and Creme yarn in the cream colorway with a size 7 needle. I wanted to take a picture while still knitting it because I am breaking in my size 7 zephyr acrylic needles from knitpicks. There are many conflicting opinions on these needles. I have heard that they are sticky, but I'm not finding that to be the case. They feel great on the hand and I can knit pretty fast on them. So, I may just buy a complete set.

November Mid Month KAL

I also wanted to show a picture of the Multnomah shawl that I have started. I saw a mistake, so I ripped it out and I'm now back to where I was originally. I really like the pattern and love the yarn. I am using String Theory Caper Sock in the Oban colorway with size 3 needles. The yarn has some cashmere in it and it is so soft.

Multnomah Shawl - String Theory - Oban

I had planned on ordering more of this yarn, but I was excited to find that my local yarn shop - The Knitter's Edge - is now carrying it. How ironic! The week before, I was just commenting to a woman who works in the shop that they need to get some sock yarn with cashmere in it. I even pulled out this shawl that I was working on and showed her how great it was. Coincidently, they had it on order. I landed out buying three skeins of it since I couldn't decide which color to buy. I got Peridot, Nerrivik and Black Cherry. Then I found out that Pagewood Farms Alyeska yarn, that also has cashmere in it, is on order too. I love the Knitter's Edge.

String Theory - Caper - KE

Well, off to work on my Multiplicity scarf. I hope to finish it this week.

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freshisle said...

Great Christmas socks!
I'm scared to list all my WIP. Too many to count!