Monday, May 25, 2009

Knitting Friends and Therapy

About 5 years ago, I decided that I wanted to really learn how to knit. Oh, I played at it on my own when I was a teenager. At that time you could only buy long straight needles and the yarn selection wasn't that exciting. Of course since I didn't really know much about knitting, I started knitting a scarf. I probably never finished it because it was too wide, a boring gold color, the ends curled, and it was taking too long to get to a finished product. When I picked up the needles again, I found shorter 10 inch needles and started knitting dish cloths. I figured that dishcloths would be good because they didn't take long to knit and I would learn to knit different stitches. They were a great choice because I am still knitting dishcloths and still learning new stitches..

But, I wanted more. So, I dug out a newspaper article about a shop that gave knitting lessons, found out that they had lessons on a Saturday morning, which was great since I worked. That is where it all began and I haven't looked back. I have grown as a knitter. I have accumulated a large stash and am the proud owner of quite a bit of needles as well as knitting gadgets and bags to carry everything in. However, more than that, I have met some wonderful knitting friends. I am so glad that I am able to work part time and go to knitting class twice a week. Some of us call it therapy. It's that and more.

What's even better is that the Knitter's Edge opened in Bethlehem, PA and they have a large number of classes, a wonderful selection of yarn, and great atmosphere. Every Friday, we knit from 10 AM ish to Noon in the classroom and then we escape to the sofas to enjoy the beautiful bow window and get to see all that is happening in the shop. Here are some pictures:

Lois May 09

Lois knitting for her granddaughter

Sharon May 09

Sharon knitting a prayer shawl for a friend.

Darcy May 09

Darcy looking through the many pattern books they carry

Diana and Cindy May 09

Cindy watching what Diana is unpacking for the store

It's hard to resist buying more yarn when we escape to the sofa's. As you can see, I bought some baby yarn to make hats. The one skein is Sidar Snuggly Kisses and other other skein is Jeannee.

Baby Yarn - The Knitters Edge

I also got Plymouth Ecco Cashmere yarn to make a lace shawl.

Plymouth Earth - Ecco Cashmere

Can't wait for Friday to get here so I can see all of my knitting friends.


Alrischa said...

A group would be nice. There is a local group, but I can't go in the evenings.

What are you going to whip up with that nice white cashmere?

Mary Ann said...

Love your blog! Keep us posted what you are going to create with the white cashmere!

Ann said...


I finally made it to Knitter's Edge on Saturday. Love the shop and will return, I'm sure.