Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why won't some knitter's share?

I finally finished my first sock of 2009. I was beginning to think that I lost the desire to knit socks. I had started these on double pointed needles and I believe that even though I don't mind knitting socks on 2 circular needles, I like double pointed needles better. It takes too long to get the satisfaction of a finished sock when you knit two together. I start to lose interest in knitting them. Yes, I know some people have trouble with the second sock syndrome when knitting one sock at a time on double pointed needles, but I get more excited to knit the second sock because one sock is finished and I only have to knit one more. The second sock seems to knit up faster for me. I won't give up the circulars completely, but I love my double pointed needles the best.

These are a basic sock pattern using Yarn Chef's Bouillabaisse yarn in Moldy Jack O Lantern's colorway with size 1 1/2 needles. I really like the stripping on these socks.

Yarn Chef - Moldy Jack O Lantern's

I have a pair of Malabrigo socks on circular needles. I am close to turning the heel, so I really need to finish those up, but I couldn't resist starting another pair on double pointed needles using the Signature double points. These are really nice needles. I am using size 2 needles with Meilenweit Multieffekt yarn in color 3123 using a basic sock pattern. I like the yarn. My Easter socks were also the same yarn but a different colorway. Check the striping on these socks.

Meilenweit 3123

I finished another dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth Group KAL. The pattern is Daisy by Lindy and I used size 6 needles (Signature) with Peaches and Creme in Lemon. This was a cute pattern.

May 2009 KAL - Daisy

Now I have to get on my soap box. Knitters are great people - most of the time. I say most of the time, because I have run into knitter's who don't like to share what yarn they used or where they got a pattern. I have a huge stash and many patterns, but if I use a particular yarn or a pattern I know what kind of yarn I used and what the pattern was. Here are some examples where I found where knitter's don't like to share.

1. I saw a really neat pair of socks online and had to have the yarn. I contacted the person who posted the picture and she thought the sock yarn was Mountain Colors. I searched through Mountain colors yarn and bought what I thought was the yarn (it's in my stash). A couple of years later, I was looking through pictures and patterns I had printed out and found the sock I loved so much. Guess what? It wasn't Mountain colors. When I saw the picture again, I realized that it was Socks That Rock Fire on the Mountain and I had bought the yarn and made socks out of it. Now, just remember that I knit these socks over two years ago and I didn't have to look up the name of the color or who made the yarn.

2. I was at knitting class one day and a knitter was looking at yarn. She was wearing a short shawlette and we all complimented her on how nice it was. We asked her what the pattern was and she didn't know. I can't believe she didn't know. When you knit something, it's hard not to remember what pattern you used. You may not remember where you got the pattern, but you remember the pattern (especially if you liked it and wore the finished product).

3. At knitting class, I saw a small purse on the counter. It looked like a pattern I saw online. A friend and I were looking at it and the teacher who was having a class on this purse told us that she made the purse and had a class for it. She told us it was called the bubble bag and it was in a Knitter's magazine. I searched Ravelry, the Internet and Knitters for the pattern and could not find anything that looked like the bag. Then, I got smart and remembered who I thought designed the pattern. It is called the dumpling bag and the pattern was published in Interweave Knits. I figure that the teacher did not want anyone to know where to get the pattern, so you had to sign up for her class. That is terrible! She purposely renamed the pattern and threw us off on what magazine the pattern was published in.

I am not advocating giving out patterns for free, but I can't understand why some knitter's can't let you know the name of a pattern or yarn so you can buy it. Even if someone knits the same pattern, it could look different because someone else knit it and used a different yarn. What happened to sharing? If someone asks me about a pattern or yarn, I feel it's a compliment to me because they liked what I was knitting. Why won't some knitter's share?


Alrischa said...

Bet the knitter in the shawlette bought it from a shop!

That one with the Dumpling bag is bad, though. I'm surprised she thought she could get away with it. It was a fairly common pattern in a very popular magazine.

chuckieknits said...

love the orange socks!

have to agree about the sharing comments..I know we all, at times, manage to confuse facts, but that's a bit much, if she's teaching the item, not to have it straight where it is and its name. I'd have thought she'd have had a brochure or print-out to show you and try to sign you up for the class!

bet it feels good to have knitting time now, doesn't it!

me said...

I'm glad you finished those socks and have reconnected with your sock mojo... the colors are beautiful....(now you've inspired me to get back to my socks.., Thanks)

freshisle said...

I love the bright striping socks.

Some knitters are like that, but then I imagine they aren't sharing with other parts of their life too - things like recipes, travel ... Not nice.