Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vintage Velvet Scarf

Ah, I finished it. I finished the Vintage Velvet Scarf in Touch Me Yarn on size 8 needles. The color is navy. I've knitted another scarf using Touch Me yarn and felted it, but it's been so long that I was nervous doing it again. I put it in the washer and then the dryer. I had to keep putting it in the dryer because it was too wet. I finally know what damp means. It turned out well, but I didn't get it dry in time to give it to my knitting friend at class on Saturday. At least there is still time to turn it in next week. I am showing two pictures. One before felting and one after.

Pre felting it looks like this:

Vintage Scarf - prefelted
After felting it looks like this:
Vintage Scarf - felted
It is so soft. I could pet it all day.
Now that I finished this project, I can go back to knitting the Central Park Hoodie, a prayer shawl and socks!


Anonymous said...

Love your scarf and the color is so pretty! I can just imagine how soft it is!

Alrischa said...

It LOOKS soft... I wish I could give it a pat, too Ü

Jill L said...

I have done that before -- felting that type of yarn/ It si soft and mine was HEAVY!

Emilee said...

How beautiful! I wish I could touch it! :) I started the central part hoodie too..but that was a while back- maybe I should pick it back up! lol

freshisle said...

Very nice! Even the photo looks velvety!

MahlerMadl said...

Did you have a problem with worming? I'm knitting the same scarf with Touch Me, size 9 needles , continental style, and it is worming. Shall I continue or start again? Will the worms disappear after felting>

Karin said...

No, I had no problem with worming. Keep going. Once you felt it I think it will be okay.