Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Knitters Edge

The Knitters Edge Yarn shop in Bethlehem is now open for business. It was a great day at knitting class today to see knitters come in to shop and check out the new yarn store. It was neat watching the faces of people as they walked through the door.

Here are some pictures:

The front of the shop


The wonderful bow window
Front Bow Window
Entrance from the Parking Lot
Entrance from Parking Lot
Front of the store
What you see when you walk in the door - Bins of yarn
Inside Shop 1
Classroom area - There are three classrooms
A cozy place to sit and knit
Sit and Knit
My Saturday Knitting class
Knitting Class
Eileen, Cindy and Joanne
Eileen, Cindy and Joanne
I didn't want to leave. It's a great place to shop and knit. Location is at 15th Avenue and Broad Street (1601 W. Broad Street) and phone number is 610-419-9276. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.


Jill L said...
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Jill L said...

(sorry about the delete --too many typos)
Wow what a great place! It's so open and light and organized. I would have too much fun there!

Alrischa said...

That looks so big and friendly. I want to visit!

Wendy said...

Wow! Looks like a great shop! So much room!

athenaintraining said...

when do they have classes? I can't find Web site ...

Karin said...

This is from her group on Ravelry. The web site is not up yet:

Here are the current classes. Almost all of these are general in nature- knitting communities who love to be together to sit knit and learn. Many additional classes- most being specific in nature will be added very soon. We have so many ideas for class projects and techniques to teach you.

10-12- with Kathy S.
1-3 with Linda J (beginners)
1-3 with Eileen
6:30-8:30 with Linda J
6:30 - 8:30 with Linda M (every other week)

10-12 with Pat
1-3 with a teacher TBA
6:30-8:30 with JoAnne
6:30-8:30 with Eileen (a project class)

10-12- with a teacher TBA (beginners)
1-3 with Eileen
6:30-8:30 wth Linda M
6:30-8:30 with Marilyn (kids)

10-12 with Pat
1-3 with Pat

10-12 with Pat
10-12 with a teacher TBA
1-3 with Eileen (socks)
1-3 with JoAnne (beginner’s socks)