Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling of Accomplishment

It's a wonderful feeling when you are finishing a project or getting close to finishing. It's also wonderful feeling good about what you are knitting verus dreading working on a project. For the most part I am enjoying the projects I am working on. I do have a few that I have put to the side for now, but know that I will eventually finish them.

I am close to finishing the Meilenweit Sock. I need to pick up stitches at the heel and then finishing will go quickly. Just in time for Easter since I am calling these my Easter socks.

Easter Socks - Meilenweit
I started another sock by Sheepaints. It's their bamboolaine line in Grapes. I am using size 2 needles on this sock as well and I like how it's striping. It's different than other socks I have knit since the stripes are wider.
Sheepaints - Grapes
I believe that for my next sock, I will try the monkey sock pattern using Dream in Color Smooshy. Can't wait to start these.
I have also finished one Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth. One down and two to go. I enjoyed knitting this pattern. I liked the size 6 needles for this cloth.
Awareness Ribbon Cloth - 2
And, I finished the squidge cloth in Peaches and Cream. This was a fun cloth to knit.
Squidge Cloth
I am just about finished with the front of my sweater. I should be able to complete that before the end of this week and then I can start on the sleeves. Yippee! I will be glad to finally finish this project. I have a black shrug that I haven't worked on for quite awhile. I only have a row or two to finish, so I will work on this next after my sweater is done.
Ah, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when projects are finished or just about finished!


Wendy said...

Wow! You really are on a roll. Sometimes, if I really love a project, and I finish it, I kind of get a little depressed, like we broke up or something.

Congrats on all of the finishing! Those socks will look fabu with your Easter bonnet!


freshisle said...

Great socks! I love the colours in your Easter socks.