Monday, January 21, 2008

Dishcloth, Headband, Socks and Cupcakes

Well, my time off is coming to an end. We are starting to gear up for tax season, so I will be working more. I'm kinda sad because I really, really liked being home. But, the good news is that it is only until April 15th. That will bring sunlight lasting longer, warmer weather, and time off.

I have been knitting a lot. I finished up the Mid-Month KAL from the Monthly Dishcloth group. It's a Diamond Lace pattern and I like how it turned out. I used Peaches and Cream Peppermint Ombre yarn that I got from Elmore Pisgah. It was an easy pattern to do.

Jan Mid Month KAL

I also finished a third Calorimetry headband using Berroco Jasper Yarn in black.

Calorimetry - Black Jasper

I am at the heel with the Yarn Pirate spooky yarn. This sock has been on the needles for awhile, so I will be glad to finish it up. My plan is to do the heel tonight, so I just have to knit to the toe and finish it up

Yarn Pirate - Spooky Sock

I also got to the heel with the Plucky Knitter yarn in Palatial. I really, really love this yarn and the colorway. I like it so much that I might get another skein of this colorway.

Plucky Knitter - Palatial Sock

For both of these yarns, I had to go down to size 1 needles to get the yarn to stripe the way I liked it. I saw something on someone else's blog, where she cast on two less stitches to get the yarn she was working on to stripe correctly. I may try this, but instead of two less stitches, I will try four less stitches and of course use size 2 needles. Size 2 is easier to handle than size 1.
I snagged some yarn from the last Loopy Ewe sneak up. I was even able to get a skein of Wollmeise yarn (Iris Sibirica). Apparently, they had server problems because so many people wanted the Wollmeise yarn. Everything was running slow, so I was glad to be able to get some of it. I also got two skeins of Collinette Jitterbug (Coulis and Castagna), and one skein of Rio de la Platta (Wood Thrush). I just love the Loopy Ewe!
Loopy Ewe
I found two skeins of Knitpicks Essential yarn that I had in my yarn tote. I forgot that I bought this. It is the Meadow Multi colorway which should make a pretty pair of socks.
Knitpicks Essential - Meadow Multi
I'll finish off with a cupcake that I bought from the Betz White store. What a neat knitted cupcake. I recommend it highly. It makes me hungry for cupcakes. I know that there are now cupcake bakeries, but alas there are none in my area.
Cupcake - Betz White


DawnK said...

What pretty projects! That red and white yarn for the dishcloth is pretty! The cupcake is rather cute! That was pretty yarn, too!

Jill L said...

great cloth and I like your Calorimetry. Will watch your blog as you have great taste in yarn!

Karla said...

Hi, Karin! I'm visiting from one of your posts over at DRU as I love to read new knitting and crocheting to me, not necessarily brand new blogs. Reading this post I am left with envy at the yarn you discovered in your stash-gorgeous! And I had to say the knitted cupcake is so adorable and certainly does make me hungry for one, too! Good thing it's not for real!

Great blog! I look forward to reading more.