Monday, January 07, 2008

Time to Knit

2008 keeps ticking away. I found that by making a list of things I want to accomplish for the week really helps to keep me focused. Hopefully, this will continue for the rest of the year.

I am working on my Jitterbug socks. I really like the color of these. The yarn is like Socks that Rock (I wonder if they will fade?) and I think I will end up with enough yarn for the two socks. There has been a bit of controversy on the Internet that one skein will not yield two socks over size 8. I am a size 9 and believe that I will have enough yarn to finish. I did buy a half skein from the Loopy Ewe just in case, but can use it for a smaller pair of socks later.

Jitterbug - Gaughan
I have completed one comfortghan square and started on another. The pattern is Little Checks Square by Mary Dixon. I am using a Light Celery Green in TLC Essentials for this pattern. I am currently working on a second one in this pattern.
Little Checks Square - Green
I also completed the first KAL in the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloth Group. It was a football pattern. I used Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in Natural with a size 7 needle. I joined this group in August of 2005 when Andi first started it and now we are up to 5000 members. Wow, that's alot of members. It's a great group because we have two KAL's a month and you really learn new things by participating in them. I like the KAL's too because you get 10 rows a day. This is much better than just participating in a KAL and knitting at your own pace. 10 rows a day is doable and if you can't knit one day, it's easy to catch up on another day.
Footbal KAL
I started a second Calorimetry headband in Jasper using a brownish color yarn. I am about half way done with this one.
Caliormetry - Jasper Brown
This pattern is so great. It is fast to knit and I love the yarn. I know I will be making more of these.
I started my yarn diet, but I did receive two types of yarns that I ordered in 2007. Lisa Souza in Little Devil and in Denim colorways. I have wanted to order from her for quite awhile so I bit the bullet and did it before my yarn diet started.
Lisa Souza
I also ordered from the Plucky Knitter. What great yarns she has. I got three skeins in colorways: Palatial, Verdant Valley, and Dapper. I discovered her on a Ravelry ad that Jess recommended and I am not disappointed. When I finish my Jitterbug sock, I WILL be casting on with one of these colorways (I think the Dapper will be my first choice). I also saw that the Loopy Ewe will be carrying her yarn too.
Plucky Knitter
Time to stop chatting, I am off to do some knitting!

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Anonymous said...


We are exactly the opposite - for the very same reason!
In the Monthly Dishcloth group I find it very, very hard to knit on a current KAL. I would very much rather wait until I have all of the pattern.
I would rather knit at my own pace and finish a cloth whenever I want to, rather than waiting until the next day for the next 10 rows and then waiting for the next 10 rows (and again and again).

And besides, what if I don't like the pattern? Why should I waste all those days? And all that knitting?

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca