Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happiness Is Knitting All Day

Last week was a great week for finishing projects. I completed my Jitterbug socks in the Gaughin colorway. I had no problem with running out of yarn. In fact, I had quite a bit leftover.

Jitterbug - Gaughin - finished

I also completed another headband (Calorimetry) in the brown colorway. This was made with Berroco Jasper yarn.

Calorimetry - Brown

And, I finished up another comfortghan square in the Little Checks Square pattern by Mary Dixon.
This week I have been working on my Yarn Pirate Sock in the Spooky colorway. I am using size one needles for this sock because it wasn't striping using the size 2's. I was concerned that they would be too tight, but they fit okay. Whew!
Yarn Pirate Sock
I started on another sock using the Plucky Knitter yarn in the Palatial colorway. I had to use size 1 needles for this sock as well because of the striping. This yarn is really soft and stretchy, so it should be okay. I am annoyed when a sock doesn't stripe well.

Plucky Knitter - Palatial

I started another headband (calorimetry) in black. I told you I really liked this pattern as well as the yarn.
Calorimetry - Black
I finished my third comfortghan square this year. Pattern is Double Broken Rib Square by Mary Dixon. Only 21 more to go for the year to reach my goal.
Comfortghan Square - Dbl Brkn Rib - Dixon
I have off from work three days this week and I spent all day knitting today. It was wonderful to be able to do that and I was able to accomplish alot. So, it's back to the knitting the headband. I would like to finish that up this week as well as the second Yarn Pirate sock and maybe pull out the sweater that I started back in 2004 to finish that up in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck.

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