Thursday, September 06, 2007

Knit One, Purl Two pick up a stitch that's all you do.

Where the heck did I get that title? Somehow it just popped into my mind. I must have learned it somewhere.

I have been knitting away and wanted to post my pictures. Mostly dishcloths and comfortghan squares.

Here is the progress on my sock. One down, one to go. I think it's looking pretty good, plus I got the second sock to start around the same point, so they should be a matched pair. I have to get me some sock blockers.

Online Sock
I have been knitting dishcloths. This one is from the Monthly dishcloth group. It's a Happy Birthday cloth designed by Kim Fortin. I used Sugar and Cream in a hot blue color.
Happy Birthday
The second one is called the Straight Vines Cloth from my Dishcloths R US Yahoo group. It is designed by Katherine Frazier and I used Sugar and Cream green stripes.
Straight Vines Cloth
Here are two comfortghan squares I completed out of my goal of 12 for my Dishcloths R US group:
Comfortghan Square 1 Comfortghan Square 2
The one on the top is called Little Checks Square by Mary Dixon and the one on the bottom is called Basket Welt Square by Mary Dixon. I used size 8 needles for both and I used TLC Essentials yarn by Red Heart in Fusion.
I am currently working on another Comfortghan square in addition to my second sock. My fingers are flying!



AAAAAAAAAAAH! Kindred fiberheads are we two! I like your socks,
are they Opal? Nice cloths too! Try the ballband, it's fun!
Hope ou scored some great yarn on sale at Kraemer's last weekend. I sure did!

DawnK said...

OOooh, me likey the socks! What kind of yarn is that? Those are so pretty, and I love blue!

Your birthday cloth turned out well, too! Great job!

Tea said...

Beautiful socks! The cloths look wonderful, too. Your fingers are flying! :) Love those yarns!