Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Socks

This past week has not been a good week. Around Tuesday, I started with a sore throat and felt awful the rest of the week. It didn't really feel like a cold so I guess it was allergies. I certainly slept a lot and didn't get much knitting done.

I did finish the Online blue socks and they even fit. I am so excited!

Online Blue Socks
I have been adding more sock yarn to my stash. I ordered from Seaport Yarn. I saw Luna Park in a magazine and fell in love. So I had to get me some and while there I found Colinette Jitterbug. The Luna Park is color 200 and 204 and the Jitterbug yarn is in the Kingfisher color. I've heard some controvery over this yarn, so I will have to see what happens. It looks as if I may need to wash the socks separately, when I first wash them.
Seaport Yarn
Since I finished the online sock, I really wanted to try out the Luna Park. So, I cast on and I've finished the gusset. I am ready to turn the heel. I am using color 200 on size 2 needles with the Basic Patternworks pattern. I really like how the striping is coming.
Luna Socks



I love this color 200! It's so camo, yes??? No i must hunt for it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Karin said...

It's kinda like camo, but not really.