Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yarn Buyers Anonymous

I am obsessed by yarn. It truely is an addiction. I wonder if they have a group that could help me. I wonder if they call it YBA (yarn buyers anonymous). Help ME!

Well, I didn't just buy yarn for no reason. I really like WEBs and have never ordered from them. So I found two yarns to buy. One is Valley Yarns Franklin in the Macaw color for socks of course.

Valley Yarns - Franklin
Then, I have heard so much about Tofutsies yarn from Southwest Trading company, that I had to try this skein in color 727.
Tofutsies Yarn
I want to make the Noro striped scarf with Silk Garden for my husband for Christmas. So I bought 4 skeins. Since some of the colors were discontinued, I had to get them from several different places (none from Webs).
Noro Silk Garden
I had mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to knit Elizabeth Zimmermans baby surprise jacket. I finally got the yarn I ordered from Sundara yarns.
Sundara Yarn - BSJ
And then my Socks That Rock yarn club sent me this package:
STR - August 07
The color is called Flower Power and I think it will make beautiful looking socks, don't you?
I have more yarn coming from the Loopy Ewe (I actually was able to buy yarn during a shop update), Hello Yarn (it was tough getting yarn here, but I was able to order a skein during her shop update), and some yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company. All yarn is for socks.....see I am loving knitting socks, but I really need to attend a YBA meeting soon. Does anyone want to join me?
I am still knitting away on my sock, but I am getting closer to getting it finished. I did knit another dishcloth for my Yahoo dishcloth group. We are trying to get pictures of all of the dishcloth patterns posted in our files, so everyone is busy knitting away. This is called the Leaf Allover Lace Cloth.
Leaf Allover Lace Cloth



I'm so happy to have been able to validate all your future yarn purchases! Let me know if you need any help :-)
Great yarn sale at Kraemers, BTW

Thanks for looking me up in the blog neighborhood!

carole said...

hey, you've been a busy shopper lately! I love your 'candy' Show the goods from Kraemers!