Saturday, July 20, 2013

90 Pairs of Socks

Yes, I have finished 90 pairs of socks.  When I decided to knit socks, I did struggle a little at the beginning.  I was told that to feel comfortable, you had to knit at least three pairs of socks.  That was the best advice.  After I finished my third pair, I felt as if I got a handle on the construction of a sock.  I had problems with holes on the sides and was determined to overcome that and I did.  Socks are great fun to knit because they are so portable and there is such a variety of sock yarns out there that make it fun.  If it isn’t the yarn, it’s the pattern of the sock.  Fortunately, I have not had second sock syndrome.  Once I finish the first sock, I want to get the other sock complete.  My favorite way to knit them is one sock on two circular needles.  When I don’t use a patterned sock, I use a basic sock pattern that I have adapted to my desire.  I think I will post that pattern in a near future blog update.

I finished the Dizzy sock pattern by CookieA.  I used Alisha Goes Around fingering yarn with a size 1 needle in the Genevieve color.  It’s a wonderful yarn and I would love to have more.

Dizzy - Complete

I also finished the Socks on a Plane pattern by LaLa.  I used Lollipop yarn in the color It’s Five O’Clock somewhere with a size 1 needle.  This was a toe up pattern, but I knit it top down.  I love how the cables look on the striped yarn.

Socks on a Plane - Complete

So, I started on pair 91.  This is a basic sock pattern using a size 1 needle with Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso yarn in the color Dia de los Muertos.

Dia de los Muertos - Desert Vista Dyeworks

I love striped sock yarn, so I landed out getting another skein of Lollipop yarn in the color Googly Moggly.

Lollipop Yarn - Googly Moogly

I also got my Kirby Wirby order.  This is in her sparkle base in the colors Wild Child Fairy and Skating rink 1987 with strobe lights.  I can’t wait to use this yarn.  It is new to me but very popular.

Kirby Wirby - July 2013

I also got my order from Dancing Dog Dyeworks.  This is in her Waltz Worsted weight yarn in the colors Emma with a solid purple and Love my Gnomes with a solid orange.  This is for monsters!

DDD - Waltz Worsted - July 2013

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