Saturday, April 20, 2013

It was a nice relaxing week

I really enjoyed this week.  The weather wasn’t too bad and I was able to relax, knit and read.

I blocked the cinnamon toast shawl that I finished.  I love how this shawl turned out.

Cinnamon Toast Shawl Blocked

I started another sock.  I got the Lavender Fields striping yarn from Lollipop yarns and had to cast on for a sock.  I am using a size 1 needle with a basic sock pattern.  I think I will do a heel flap for this sock rather than an afterthought heel.  I love the colors.

Lavender Fields

I did order some yarn.  I got the Loopy Ewe Mother’s day kit.  Actually, I ordered it for the mug, but the yarn is nice.  It’s Julie Spins glimmer yarn in Tuscany.  I also got a notepad and stitch marker.  It is a nice package.

Loopy Ewe - Mothers Day

I started the 2011 calendar scarf.  My friends and I are doing one pattern per week.  This pattern calls for beads and it’s the first time I am knitting something using beads.  I am broadening my horizons by trying something different.  Pictures coming next time.

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