Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love Bags

I don’t know why, but I probably collect bags as much as I collect yarn.  I love all kinds of bags.  For knitting, I have some favorites.

At the top of my list is MadBird.  She carries different sizes of project bags as well as needle cases and pattern holders.  Her bags have a square bottom, so they are roomy and the drawstrings are a thick cord.  Let me tell you, some of the bags out there use ribbon drawstrings or thin cords and they DO NOT compare to MadBird Bags.  Her fabrics are great and you can request a special order.

MadBird Bags Olympus

She also makes themed bags for the holidays.  The bags pictured above are the smaller bags and I do have medium and a few large bags.  They are great bags and well worth the money.

I also have a few other favorites.  The purple bag below is a Walker Bag.  This is great for storing notions and crochet hooks.  It’s a mesh bag, so you can see what is in it. The bag next to it is a Vera Bradley Ditty Bag.  I love the size.  It’s great for larger knitting projects.   The bag next to the Vera Bradley Bag is from Lantern Moon.  I just got this bag and it is great for small projects like socks.  The bag in front is a nice size bag and well padded by Ocean Patch Creations on Etsy.

Various Bags

Do you like project bags for your knitting?  I use to use plastic zip lock bags, but not any more.

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