Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some socks are a challenge

I finished 3 pairs of socks that had patterns.  They weren’t real complicated.  When you knit a patterned sock, you have to concentrate because of the change in stitches in the rows.  After knitting 3 patterned socks, I decided I needed a break and picked a basic sock pattern using Abstract Fiber’s supersock in the koi pond colorway using a size 1 needle.  This sock was more of a challenge than the patterned socks.

When knitting the leg, I dropped a stitch and had to rip back to get the correct stitches on the needle.  Then I got to the heel flap and dropped a stitch.  I had to rip back again to the beginning of the heel flap and start over.  Then I got to the leg and yes, I dropped a stitch again.  This time, I had to rip back to the leg and start again with the heel flap.  Thank goodness three times was the charm and now I have finished the first sock.  I don’t know if it was me or the new ChiaoGoo red lace needles that I was using. Go figure.

Abstract Fiber Sock 1 Complete

I love the yarn and the colorway of the socks. 

My local yarn shop finally got in some Lorna’s Laces Solemate yarn and I bought a skein in the Vera colorway.  I just have to pick a patterned sock to knit with this yarn.

Solemate - Vera

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