Saturday, January 02, 2010


Once again I need to revisit what my goals were for 2009 and decide what new resolutions to make for 2010.

Goals for 2009

1. Organize closets and cabinets - have another yard sale to purge items - I did clean out one closet, but didn't have a yard sale.
2. Update blog at least once a week - I may have not posted every week, but I did have 57 blog posts in 2009.
3. Definately do some stashbusting and buy less (much less) new - Didn't happen
4. Knit 12 pairs of socks - I knit 14 pairs of socks
5. Knit a Christmas stocking - Didn't do this either, but haven't found the pattern that makes me want to knit one.
6. Finish some UFO's - Did start to do this at the end of the year.
7. Knit a Clapotis - Didn't happen
8. Knit a Central Park Hoodie - Started this and have the front, back and part of a sleeve completed. It's a UFO.
9. Finish updating Shelfari with the books I have read and the books on my bookshelf that have not been read. - I did complete this and feel so organized now.
10. Lose weight and exercise - I did lose a couple pounds, but did not exercise.
11. Read 65 books - I read 72 books
12. Do some charity knitting - Didn't happen

Goals for 2010

1. Organize closets and cabinets - Definately start to purge items by having a yard sale. Purge is the word and living with less stuff.
2. Update my blog once a week.
3. I will not buy any new yarn from January through April and buy sparingly the rest of the year. I need to knit from my stash. I will be in at least 3 yarn clubs, so that should help keep me happy.
4. Knit 12 pairs of socks.
5. Finish some UFO's - At least 9 items
6. Knit a clapotis
7. Lose weight and exercise
8. Read 65 books
9. Clean off old computers and recycle them as well as some old printers.
This list is a little smaller than last year. Maybe I will be more successful.

What I knit in 2009

28 Dishcloths
2 Scarves
14 pairs of Socks
1 Cowl
1 Prayer Shawl
This really doesn't look like much compared to last year.


Multnomah Shawl
Leaf Lace Scarf
Central Park Hoodie
Silky tie Wrap
Orange Sweater
Candle Flame Shawl
Habu Scarf
Ripple Afghan
Black Fetching Gloves
Knit One Below Scarf
Thrumbed Mitten
Mystery Stole 3
Chevron Scarf
Square a Long Afghan
Snowflake Cloth

Tax Season has started and that may slow me down, but I want to make more time for reading and knitting, so I relax. Only 104 more days until April 17th, but who is counting?


Jill L said...

Go luck with your goals for 2010-- you did accomplish a lot last year ---

freshisle said...

I hear you on the organization thing! That's one of my goals this year, too.
I think you were pretty successful last year. Lots of socks!