Friday, January 02, 2009

Reflecting back on 2008 and Planning for 2009

It's time to look back to my goals for 2008 and see what I accomplished and what I missed the mark on.

Goals I hoped to achieve in 2008:

1. Complete installing files and programs on my computer (hard drive crashed) Completed this
2. Organize closets and cabinets and purge items (or maybe a yard sale in spring). Had a yard sale, but didn't organize all closets and cabinets.
3. Organize my yarn stash better and continue to update Ravelry. Did a good job keeping Ravelry updated and did check out my yarn stash, but didn't really organize it.
4. Update my blog at least once a week. I didn't always post once a week, but I did post a total of 55 times, so I did make up for the weeks I didn't post.
5. Do some stashbusting - I really need to stop buying and use up my stash. But, I know I will be tempted and will allow it occasionally. Let's just say this didn't work.
6. Knit 24 comfortghan squares for my Yahoo Dishcloth group. Completed
7. Knit 12 socks (one for each month) if not more. I knit 21 pairs of socks this year.
8. Knit a patterned sock - I knit three patterned socks.
9. Knit a Christmas stocking or two - I couldn't find a pattern I liked
10. Knit the Ice Queen pattern on - Nope, didn't happen.
11. Attempt two color mittens (Icelandic type) and a fingerless glove with cover. - Nope
12. Finish some UFO's - tried but did not complete
13. Read 65 books - I made this goal.

What I knit in 2008

24 Comfortghan squares
2 10x10 afghan squares
2 Caliormetry hats
34 Dishcloth/Washcloths
21 Pairs of Socks
1 Dog Leash
1 Phone Cozy (that I lost and now have to knit another one)
2 Preemie Hats
2 Ribbed Hats


Mystery Stole
Berocco snowflake
Two pairs of socks
Sock that Rock scarf
Inside Outside scarf
Silky Tie Wrap
Candle flame shawl
Pair of fetching gloves
Ripple Afghan
Prayer Shawl
Habu scarf
Stuffed mittens

What I did do this year that was not on my list was: I worked more part-time hours than I had planned, discovered Shelfari and started entering all my books, lost some weight (approximately 25 pounds), learned how to knit 2 socks on 2 needles, and knit hats, which I have never done before. Plus, I think I did relax more this year and that is a good thing.

Goals for 2009

1. Organize closets and cabinets - have another yarn sale to purge items
2. Update blog at least once a week.
3. Definately do some stashbusting and buy less (much less) new yarn.
4. Knit 12 pairs of socks.
5. Knit a Christmas stocking
6. Finish some UFO's
7. Knit a Clapotis
8. Knit the Central Park Hoodie
9. Finish updating Shelfari with the books I have read and the books on my bookshelf that have not been read.
10. Lose weight and exercise.
11. Read 65 books
12. Do some charity knitting
This is a little smaller list than last year, so let's hope I can accomplish more.


Alrischa said...

21 pairs of socks!!!

Well, I'm all inspired to make NY resolutions, now, but it was my resolution to only make one resolution per month. lol.

You did so well getting so many of your goals (and some extra things, like 25 pounds!) ...I hope the few things you missed don't bother you. You should be nothing but proud of yourself. (And the stashbusting one was just silly, anyway ;) because a quality yarn stash is a good investment. hehe)

Happy New Year!

Itzatrip said...

You are sooooo organized! You inspire me to set my priorities, organize my projects & work on my to do list. Thanks!