Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 May be My Year

I am so excited. I entered the lottery to get into the Loopy Ewe Sock club and I got in! I am so jazzed and I'm doing the happy dance since I found out. I tried to get in last year, but sent the email to the wrong address. This year we just had to click on a button on the Loopy Ewe web site. I can't wait to get my first package, but it won't be until March.

I also won the 2008 Monthly KAL Challenge from the yahoo group. I got my winnings and boy am I ever overwhelmed with the prizes I received.

2008 Challenge
I got yarn, stitch markers, a needle roll, memo pad and a CD of dishcloth patterns from Harvest Moon Designs. How exciting!
I'm currently knitting another dishcloth, working on a prayer shawl, and I started the Central Park Hoodie. I will post pictures next time. I really need to get back to knitting socks.
I did get another order of sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns. I just couldn't resist. I got Twist sock yarn in the Dragonfly colorway and Soft sock yarn in the Blackberry colorway.
Sunshine Yarns
I also got my Janaury package from the Color Coop. The yarn is Miss Babs. I love the yarn and the colorway. It was taken from a picture that the members voted on. I also got a couple of goodies with the yarn.
Color Coop - January 09
I finally got all of my books entered in Shelfari and my knitting books entered in Ravelry. It's nice to be able to see the books I have read and the books I haven't read. I hate when I buy a book and I already have it. Next I have to get my knitting needles entered into Ravelry. I already have a spreadsheet of all of my needles, but it will be nice to have it in Ravelry too. I will never get all of my stash entered though.
Soon, I will be working more days since it's tax season. I was off the last two days and it was nice spending time with my Maggie May. She loves her football and takes it with her whereever she goes. Unfortunately, she was hoping that the Eagles would be in the Super Bowl. She was bummed out about them losing to Arizona. Maybe next year.
Maggie ball 2


Jill L said...

congrats on the Loopy Ewe sock yarn club -- I the Woolgirl Club this time. Love all your fiber!

freshisle said...

Congrats on all that yummy yarn!