Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting Ready for Summer of Socks 2008

I finished the Alpaca Ped Heel and Toe sock today. Just in time to start on the Summer of Socks tomorrow. I really liked this yarn. It's very soft. The striping got okay. Maybe I should have tried a smaller needle, but I'm not real unhappy with them. I have more of this yarn and will look forward to knitting it up. The color is Carribean Chocolate and I used size 2 needles.

Alpaca Peds H&T - Carribean Chocolate

I enjoyed knitting the June Mid-Month Dishcloth. It's called Lacy Waterfall by Jamie Monaghan. It's a real nice pattern and I loved the color of the yarn. I used Peaches and Creme in Shaded Denim with a size 7 needle. I really liked the denim color and have to look for more denim colored yarn to make something else. Maybe a sweater?

June Mid Month Dishcloth KAL

Tomorrow starts the Summer of Socks and I have picked out the yarn that I will use for the first two socks. I am using Lisa Souza's Sock Merino in Little Devil with the no purl monkey pattern and Bellamoden's Superwash merino in Black Beauty using a basic stockinette pattern. Yes, I will have two socks going at one time. I usually do. If I get tired with one sock, I can switch to the other sock.

Summer of Socks 2008 - First Socks

I have been reading too. I have read the following books:

Audition - Barbara Walters (a great read)

M is for Malice, N is for Noose, O is for Outlaw and P is for Peril by Sue Grafton

Twenty Wishes - Debbie Macomber

Lady Killer - Lisa Scottoline

H.R.H. - Danielle Steel

Shopoholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

Red Lily - Nora Roberts

That's 28 books so far and I have 37 more to read to reach my goal for the end of the year. I hope to read two more books before the end of June. Guess I won't get much else done until July.

What a great summer it has been so far knitting socks and reading, but there is much more to come. It's heaven!

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