Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ready for Christmas

Whew! My Christmas cards have been sent, my house is decorated, all shopping is complete, and all presents are wrapped. I just have a bit of cleaning to do and have to do food shopping. All of this time spent and it will be gone in a flash. Why do we do this? Christmas has definately gotten too commercial and we need to remember why we celebrate Christmas and get rid of all of the other stuff. But, we still wouldn't be happy would we?

I did finish the Noro scarf for my husband today and I got it wrapped. Hope he likes it.

Noro Scarf Completed
I enjoyed knitting this even though it was pretty much mindless knitting. To top it off, I hate doing K1, P1, but it didn't bother me with this scarf.
I also started Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf found on the Knitty web site. I am using Berroco Jasper yarn in color 3831. I really love this yarn. It is sooooo soft. This is also a quick knitting project. I may even have it completed by tomorrow.
Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf
I have another skein of this and will use it to knit another one. I am definately buying more of the Jasper yarn.

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freshisle said...

I don't like to do K1, P1 either, but keep thinking about knitting a Noro scarf anyway. Yours is lovely.
Have a wonderful holiday!